Unlock Training Plan Early

I’m doing a training plan and am only available to do it on certain days of the week, however the plan locks me out of doing stuff too early. I understand the goal is to ensure I don’t overwork myself, but I have my own life and schedule and it would be nice if there was some flexibility. I’ll still end up with the same amount of days on the saddle and days off the saddle.

Seems silly theres no flexibility within a plan.

I second this motion, there needs to be a way to force unlock the workout within the training plan.

Zwift has no issue with us doing a free ride or even finding the day’s workout in the workout tabs and completing it from there. I’ve done that before but then you don’t get credit for the ride or have to go back in and click did this ride outside. It is a completely unnecessary hassle. This is supposed to be fun and even hard, but don’t make us jump through hoops.

Add me tooo!

Definitely. I structure my own workouts between swim/bike/run for tri. There aren’t a ton of plans available in all, so I like to pick one a-la-carte and schedule it myself. The out-of-the-box Zwift plans are perfectly programmed and the verbal feedback is nice. I just want to do maybe two rides per week and follow the plan sequentially, but stretched out over more time to fit with my other exercise.

plus one for me on this too, I’d like to be able to unlock rides early, otherwise I’ll just end up missing them