Unlock a locked Workout

So I am in week three of the Gran Fondo training plan, but this week I have only started doing to the workouts today. I got up early and did the endurance ride at 5.30am and was planning to do a workout after work but the workout is locked until 10.25 pm.
Is there any way to get around this? I tired changing the date on my computer before but it didn’t seem to work.

This has been an ongoing complaint that just doesn’t ever get addressed by Zwift. I recommend getting a training plan from another source.

Ugh there’s no workaround?? I only just started this plan and it’s already stupid that the workouts are locked to a specific hour. Just make it tried to the day!

You can try selecting the workout manually from the workout library and skipping it when it is unlocked in the plan.

It’s been a while since this was raised but, I changed the system date/time and unlocked the workout I wanted to do. Hopefully this might help others. - not sure how it’ll affect the completed workout when I change it back…

Looks like this is still a problem. I had this happen to me recently, I was starting a new plan and its says my first work out is only available in 8 hours… Its pretty frustrating.