Start Training Plans Any Day. Workouts no longer plan-locked [May 2022]

With this month’s Zwift game version 1.25, we’re pleased to announce a long-requested improvement to Cycling Training Plans.

  • Now you can sign up for a Training Plan and begin it immediately. Previously - you had to wait until the following Monday to begin the plan.
  • Reminders to “do this workout by Wednesday” for example, will no longer appear because you’re no longer locked to a daily schedule.
  • You may also do more than one workout per day if you choose to accelerate your plan.

The rest periods between workouts are no longer enforced, but we recommend you still follow the suggested training schedule to avoid overtraining.


Thank you for making this part of the update. Going to make following a training plan much easier to use.

Hiya mate, just a few quick questions about the new change. If I was to miss a workout in the allotted week will it roll over or move to another week? Will the workout plan add on a week to let me complete the whole plan? I am going away for a week soon and was hoping to be able to continue the plan when I got back. A pause ability would be great!

Why can’t you push the i did it any more in training plans?