Zwift Training Plan All Available?

Hi, I enrolled on my first training plan on Sunday, the FTP builder. All 6 weeks workouts are available to me and every workout says Do by Sat Evening per image.

This feels like a bug but can anyone confirm if this is normal please?

Short answer;
That’s normal/expected behaviour - all workouts should be available to you, to do as you want (in whatever order). Though I agree the “do by Saturday evening” text is superfluous, as it’ll still be there when you do a workout from the plan next week.

Slightly meandering answer;
Workout plans used to have a prescribed order that workouts could be completed (with enforced breaks between them); this was somewhat relaxed in March 2022 [link to notes] where each week’s workouts would be unlocked on the Monday, with no restrictions on what order that week’s workouts were completed in.
The May 2022 update [link to notes] removed the week-by-week restriction of the plan, basically giving everyone free reign to pick and choose from a workout plan (over however many weeks it’ll take for them to complete it all).

Wouldn’t it have been prudent to remove “do by Saturday evening” altogether?

Appreciate the quick reply. Kr

Hi @B_CN

I agree and you’re probably right that the “do by Saturday evening” verbiage should likely have been removed altogether once all the training plan workouts became available to access from the primary Training/Workout menu.

I believe I already raised this concern to the team a few weeks back but it remains to be seen if and when the “do by Saturday evening” verbiage will be removed, as it is admittedly confusing. That being said, Zwifters can effectively ignore that as it should have no bearing on when the workouts are due.