Game Update 1.25 - May 12, 2022

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Start Training Plans Any Day.

Pride Lifeguard Tower is now permanent

Two new aero bikes in the Garage

Supplementary information on Pace Partners here: Changes to Pace Partners [May 2022]


Seem to have forgotten to include the improvements and fixes for Zwift Run?


I haven’t seen a single piece of feedback in relation the running pace partners since the day I joined here. There has been lots around Cycling Partners, predominantly around the lack of lower paced options.


So still no fix for the German language in the game and companion app?


Companion App releases are different to game releases. I can confirm that as of yesterday the team were actively working on a fix.


Besides the Windows cert you mention, you appear to have introduced a new Zwift Installer step during this update. Perhaps you should be mentioning this in the release notes?

@JamesBailey, @Wes and team,
thanks for your regular updates and improvements. Any chance to see once gear display for the Stages SB20 implemented or any progress on the level50-cap? Any info highly appreciated :grinning:


I guess I am going to have to ride the radio tower to hear the “familiar voice”!


corporate restructure hardware project getting scrapped which actually sounds like a good thing. hopefully that leaves everyone else to focus on the core product of zwift software and the speed of new features improves or we’ll all be over on RGT if wahoo do it right


Who should I be in touch with about glitches during group workout?

Our support team please.

Flexible/open training plans… thank you!

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Just to note that I have (had) switched the Makuri Pace Partners. Welcome change of scenery and smaller groups made both B and C pacers a bit more enjoyable.

Hopefully you can bring them back.


I still don’t see the new Rebel route badges in Watopia. Was that addressed in this update?