New Bikes in Zwift v 1.25 [May 2022]

Hey all - we have two exciting new triathlon bikes rolling out in this month’s Zwift game version 1.25.

Felt IA 2.0
The IA 2.0 is the latest incarnation of Felt’s venerable IA platform. Entirely redesigned, the exciting new silhouette, smart integrations, and massively adjustable riding position is purpose-built for triathlon. If solo speed is your thing, you’ve got to try the IA 2.0.

Scott Plasma RC Ultimate
With the Plasma RC Ultimate, SCOTT really decided to flex their “Aero Muscles”. This Triathlon-specific bicycle features fully integrated cables, a hydration system and storage boxes. They’ve also made it versatile, making sure that anyone can find their most efficient cockpit position on the bike. If you thought the last Plasma was the fastest in the world (it was) then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • Weight: 1 star
  • Aero: 4 stars
  • Unlock level: 33
  • Cost (drops): 1,136,000

This is great! Now, it would really be fantastic if we could delete( or at least sort by custom preference) the bikes ( and all items) in our garage. Many bikes used at the early levels are not used anymore and ZI guess many riders do not use more than 3-4 (5?) bikes on a regular basis.


Can we please have an attribute rating system where the ratings actually mean something? Are these bikes actually equally fast or are they rated the same but go actually slightly different velocities.

It’s crazy that you all give it 1-5 stars but we have to wait for @Eric_Schlange to actually run field tests to see if they are worth acquiring, assuming they don’t get torpedoed shortly after the first tests are announced.


@shooj: for what it’s worth, you noted both as 3 stars for aero, but the accompanying screenshots show both as 4 stars.


Nice bikes, but best wait 2-3 months for the specs of the bikes to settle down.

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:rotating_light:Nerf Job alert


Right you are. I’ve corrected it. Thanks

hmmm… how’d you get the Giant Revolt already? :eyes: Also, the Team Jayco Bike Exchange bike is available, not sure if that was intentional or not.


@Oliver_SPEED_HOUND? Good eyes. I didn’t screencap that image - someone with superpowers got that for me.

Also - I’m seeing BikeExchange-Jayco bike in my Drop Shop too. I let the team know.


Very nice. :slight_smile:


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Just Saw Now In My Drop Shop Didnt know about this till now and I check the shop pretty frequently
Anyway Good Discovery Oliver I’ll definitely be saving up drops for this