Game Update - October 22nd, 2020

Happy Halloween Zwifters, it’s time for Watopia to get spooky. We’ve just released a new game update which includes a number of fun Halloween changes in Watopia, as well as brings new features and training content.

The update is available for download now for PC, Mac and Android and will appear in the Apple App store for iOS and Apple TV soon.

If you are planning to join an event on your next Zwift session, please make sure you log in a few minutes early to download the update and get access to all the latest features.


  • Halloween has arrived in Watopia. Keep a close eye out for some fun surprises.
  • Pace Partners are now easier to identify in a crowd with a new beacon overhead. Stay with the beacon, get more drops.
  • Riders following a Pace Partner who are at risk of making a wrong turn will now get a warning to help them stay on track.

Training and Workouts

  • Back to Fitness training plan has been added for those who need to kick start their return to cycling after a hiatus.
  • Rapha Festive 500 workouts have been added, six in total.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated the minimum allowed time for the Yorkshire sprint to reduce incorrect flagging in race events.
  • A steering icon will now appear in the Zwifters Nearby UI to indicate riders who are using a steering device.
  • Bluetooth devices should now be easier to pair and reconnect for Windows users.
  • Numerous new assets (decorations and kits) added to support upcoming events and programs.
  • Fixed a bug on iOS causing a crash when users tried to restore a purchase.
  • Fixed a bug on iOS which would cause an occasional crash on the pairing screen while an Apple Watch was also connected.
  • Fixed an issue with event kit and bike overrides not appearing for those outside of the event.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the race results screen to appear blank after a race.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause frame rates to drop when taking a screenshot.
  • Minor fixes and improvements to the Dirt Destroyer and Pebble Pounder workouts.
  • Fixed a bug making it difficult to pair a Sterzo while using the Zwift Companion Bluetooth bridge function.
  • Fixed a localization error for the French save screen.

If you happen to hit any issues with this update, please post in the thread below.

Haunt you in Watopia, Ride On! :ride_on:


Change route without quitting the application…

Onto the next month we go


Yes changing routes without having to quit the application would be so great!


Sigh :sleeping::yawning_face::no_bicycles:


Anyone have a picture of the Halloween “surprises”?


Yes, I agréé with this

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Will it be possible to add a distance countdown on the normal routes as in the races. Some routes differ in km from their discription.


Yeah, that would be a pretty cool feature


Fiji flag still not available in game but is available on CA.

But decorations are important, right!


Any new team kit released yet?


Hi Mike, is that also factoring the lead in to the route? You may not always start the selected route / course immediately and may actually start several kilometres away from the actual start. For example, on the Innsbruck Lutscher course you start in the town, but the course itself starts at the top of the climb so in reality you’re having to do the climb twice for that one


I just warmed up by riding with a pace partner- thanks for putting the beacon on them, much easier to follow- but then had to log out and then back in to get to the FTP test.
It would be much more practical to be able to go back to that initial menu screen from anywhere in the game.


Please, can we get a fix for the rider list order and time gaps? Ever since the August patch that claimed to make them “significantly more accurate,” they’ve been worse than ever. People next to me showing a 10+ second gap, people in front showing behind me and vice versa, people missing from the list altogether. Sometimes, a rider will appear to be right behind me, but then an update and instantly there’s a huge gap between us.

It’s hard to keep an eye on people you’re trying to help sweep when the info you’re being presented is unreliable.


How about fixing Apple Watch HR pair issues!


And switch between pacer bots. Warm up with one, then switch to another for your workout without having to exit.


When reaching an intersection with choice of routes it would be a good idea to show how many riders are currently in each route. Many people want to ride where it’s more populated.


Tried to do ZA WO 4 after the update; ZC crashed then ERG dropped just before the 1st effort interval, re-paired trainer but by then the WO was ruined and ZC still wouldn’t connect. Rode on for a bit before quitting and Zwift crashed saving; seems only the first 10mins was recorded according to my activities. No time to try again tonight fingers crossed it was just a coincidence…!

Dear Zwift Team
I would love to have new challenges as I have done all the 3 (everest, Italy, California) a long time ago.


An option to remove the controlling “gates/elastic bands/fences” for group rides in and around the sprints would be a good move. “Smart Gates” perhaps…