Game Update - February 23rd, 2021

Hey Zwifters, the team has released a game update which includes a number of improvements and fixes.

The update is available for download now for PC, Mac and Android and will appear in the Apple App store for iOS and Apple TV soon.

If you are planning to join an event on your next Zwift session, please make sure you log in a few minutes early to download the update to get access to all the latest features.

Pace Partners

  • The drop multiplier range for Pace Partners will now increase as the size of the group increases. This should make it easier to keep your drop multiplier while navigating large packs following the Pace Partners.
  • Lower level Zwifters will now be able to follow a Pace Partner into level locked areas of Watopia.


  • Wahoo KICKR Bike owners can now steer in Repack Ridge.


  • Added a new Time Crunched workout category. This category contains 10 cycling workouts, including 4 new workouts, of 30 minutes or less.
  • Added the GCN Zero to Hero workout series which consists of a 7 week program to make you stronger in the off season.
  • Added The Norseman workouts which include 6 cycling and 6 running workouts.
  • Improvements have been made to the FTP Builder workouts to correct erroneous timing and interval data.
  • Added the Colnago V3Rs frame to the drop shop.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Numerous cycling and running assets (kits, shirts, etc.) have been added or updated.
  • Improved our client versioning to make it easier for users to know what version they are using. Now Zwift client versions will be expressed with a version number (such as 1.10.0) along with a build number in parenthesis.
  • Added an error message when a user is trying to join an event on a route that their current game client does not support. This typically happens when new Zwift worlds are released but users log in with older game clients.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the wrong stage to appear as complete for programs such as Tour de Zwift.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause over steering on Repack Ridge when the game framerate was low.
  • Fixed a bug causing the ground to appear misaligned at the top of the Epic KOM (Earthquakes in Watopia apparently are a thing).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause users to do a u-turn or donuts.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause names to appear incorrectly in the Riders Nearby list.
  • Fixed a bug with the thumbnail of the Super League Community running shirt.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause iOS and TVOS clients to crash on rare occasion.
  • Fixed a bug where bike frame star ratings would not render correct within the window.
  • Removed the app notification badge when Bluetooth notifications are triggered on mobile devices.

Update 2/25
We’ve rolled out a hotfix for this update to fix a bug that would cause usernames containing brackets to be truncated in the Riders Nearby list.

If you happen to hit any issues with this update, please post in the thread below.

See you in Watopia, Ride On! :ride_on:


But still no fix for the Garmin HRM connection on iOS :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I’d like to see some UI overhaul, at least under Windows. Navigation through the Zwift application is really poor. Some settings or features simply disappear once the application is running, with no way to get back to them. The companion App is equally confused under Android, at least, and makes me feel like the whole code-base has evolved faster than planned.

It looks unprofessional, to say the least, and, really, your developers should be a little embarrassed at how it has turned out. Looks like Script-Kiddies did most of the work, instead of experienced software engineers.


Can you explain a little more what you are referring to.


Presumably these two are related, with the version number (not build) now being the limiting factor for things that would go wrong for those who aren’t quite up to date?

Is there any news on the longstanding bugs breaking F10 screenshots and the minimap gradient in London? Are there any new GPUs added to the Ultra list? Thanks.


No fix for the Wahoo Kickr incorrect grade bug?! :disappointed:


Didn’t see bug fix to chat function during group rides that has not worked correctly since January update. Also did not see bug fix about not seeing yellow beacon rider for the first minute or so of group rides that has not worked correctly since January update.


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Thanks for the update


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When will ZHQ’s ‘Beta Experience Monday’ ride with no UI become cyclist viewing option No. 9?
It’s amazing!


Looking for a fix for the bug where we steer far left on any race start. I still can’t draft for the first 30-60 seconds of every race. #windows10bug
EDIT: another update and I DRAFTED today!!! Yeah!
1/28 in Innsbruck …no draft start. So sad!


When will there be a fix for the time delay when sprinting?


Although I appreciate this game and how it has changed the face of indoor training, ZHQ should recognize that Zwift is moving backward (see Stephen Covey…if you are not moving forward you are moving backward…). There are issues with IPAD that I have addressed for two years. Nothing gets done. Compared to other platforms (RGT, BKOOL, Rouvy), the number of variations in course in Zwift is meager. The dashboard of info — not anywhere as comprehensive as it could be. Why not show average power? Or average WKg? Or average HR? Don’t make your customers put an extra gadget (Garmin/Element) on their bikes to get that info. Think like the customer…

Disclaimer — these are First World problems. None of us should complain. We likely have plenty of food, shelter, climate control. But, if you want to doing provide a service, be the best at it.


How about fixing the Meetup Race Results issues; racers starting at different points resulting in different finish points? Almost useless for private races at the moment.


How come zwift cant work with a Bluetooth dongle instead of only build in Bluetooth. For examble with using sterzo

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We’ve been working on that issue - wasn’t ready for this release. We expect it’ll be in the next major release cycle.


Which one? :wink:


Edit: that’s not fair! :joy: Thanks for the update.

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Zwift does and I know someone who uses a Bluetooth dongle for the Sterzo, @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ