Game Update - April 29th, 2020

Hey Zwifters, we have just released a new update with a number of new content additions, improvements and fixes. This update is available now for PC, Mac, Android. Updates for iOS and Apple TV should be available in the coming hours.

Here’s what the team has cooked up this month:

New Missions and Programs for May

The Tour for All (May 4th-30th)
Join the Tour For All and come together with the Zwift Community to support Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in their response to COVID-19.

CeramicSpeed Cycling Mission (May 1st-31st)
Unlock the CeramicSpeed cycling kit and a chance to win a CeramicSpeed OSPW derailleur by riding the target distance on OSPW enhanced Road, MTB and Tri/TT bikes.

Goodr I.P.A. Running Mission (May 1st-31st)
This mission challenges Zwifters to run 3 different workout types: one interval workout session, one pace group run, and one “altitude” or hill workout session to complete the mission. Completing all three workouts unlocks some sweet Goodr shades and a contest entry to win the real thing.

Content Additions


  • Added 8 new under 60 minute cycling workouts
  • Added 16 new run workouts (several are offered at both 30 and 60 minute variations), for runners who want to get a good run in, and have less than 60 minutes to spare."


  • Factor One is available in the Drop Shop once you reach level 8
  • Ridley Noah Fast is available in the Drop Shop once you reach level 9

Events Improvements

  • Boost Mode is a new event type that will allow users to charge a boost (with their own watts of course) and then discharge that boost at a time that’s right for them. This mode will be exclusively available in a limited number of FutureWorks Club Jarvis events as we test, tune and tweak the experience.
  • Added a new experimental event mode that lets you experience the sights and sounds of Zwift in its most pure form. This event mode will be exclusively tested within FutureWorks Club Jarvis events
  • Added support for unique bib numbers for riders and runners in specific events
  • Added numerous event arches and kits for major events in May
  • Fixed an issue where Meetup riders would not receive a powerup when passing through a sprint, KOM or lap arch

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug related to events that could cause some lone riders to achieve ludicrous speeds
  • Improvements to Apple TV pairing
  • Upgrades to the anti-sandbagging logic used for some races
  • Added the GeForce GTX 1650 to the ULTRA graphics profile group
  • Lots of smaller bugs across all platforms

If you’re riding or running in an event in Zwift, please be sure to log in a few minutes early to give time to download and apply the patch before your event starts. If you happen to hit any issues with this update, please post in the thread below.

Stay Safe and Ride On! :ride_on:

UPDATE 4/30/2020
The team has released a new version of the PC, Mac and Android clients to address some critical issues that were reported soon after releasing this update. The fixes are:

  • Fixed a bug that was making it impossible for some riders to draft others in events
  • Fixed a bug that caused some riders to ride at speeds faster than expected in events
  • Made a change to how event rules are processed which could cause a decrease in frame rate on the Ride/Run screen for some users

In addition, we’ve submitted a new version for iOS and Apple TV users to fix the invisible derailleur issue. Fixes for the items above will be available for iOS and Apple TV next week.


Hi there Tnx a lot

Just 1 request if u could.

Can u pls pls pls pls pls make a direct connection betwen the Apple TV and Zwift when using Power source, HR, and Cadence? So we don T have to use Zwift companion.

Tnx again and Ride ON


This is a great update. You all are doing amazing work during the pandemic to scale up and while also sharpen up. Thank you.

Could you please change the language of this section from, “Upgrades to the anti-sandbagging logic used for some races” to be this instead - “Upgraded the anti-sandbagging logic used for all races.”


Great Wes. Thank you. Waiting when Waistband will become a regular route


But anti sandbagging is only in some races.


This is an Apple TV limitation surely not a zwift one.


This is not anything Zwift can change. The Apple TV is the limitation on this. ATV only has 3 BT ports, and the remote uses one of those, leaving only 2 additional connections. So if your power source (trainer) is one of those, you have to make the decision whether you want cadence or HR to be the other. Unless, of course, you use a trainer like a Kickr or Neo that broadcast the power and cadence on the same channel, leaving the last connection available for HR.


I would recommend something like the NPE CABLE if you want a more direct connection. Currently using it for my power meter and HR leaving the 2nd connection for my trainer. Not the best but it works


You what would be a great update? Allow a ride on from the companion app without going to the Rider profile. Also… since I’d like to give ride ons to folks around me can you make a way to keep the list centered on my Rider so I’m not scrolling through the list all the time?


You mean during an event? If you are free riding you go to the map on the companion, wait for the circle around you to complete and then click the circle, this gives ride-ons to a bunch of people in that circle.


Thanks for adding the GTX 1650 for Ultra! This is good news for lots of Zwifters on PC.

I really hope this change incorporates the GTX 1650 SUPER as well, they are separate models.


Just tap on your arrow on the companion app map to give rideons to 5 people near you


We’re still tweaking and refining the anti-sandbagging functionality so it’ll remain “some races” for now as we continue to improve things. We do want it to be use more widely, but we need to make sure it works well first. :ride_on:


It should include all GTX 1650 models including SUPER, let me know if you see that it doesn’t. :ride_on:


Only while free riding, it isn’t available during events/ races.


Has the problem related to the inability to disable chat been resolved? This has been the case since the last update, on both Windows PC and Apple TV.


How do these compare to other frames performance wise? Faster/ slower then other 4 star bikes?


Thanks for all the super hard work. Zwift is literally saving my sanity these days - going to work at a Cancer Centre isn’t easy at the best of times but has been particularly challenging in these COVID days… quick question if I may - is there an update on the fence for group rides?


I’m hoping this update might fix my pc software issues. It hasn’t been working for almost a week now and support hasn’t been able to fix it.