Game Update - April 29th, 2020

Fantastic! Many thanks. :star_struck:

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If you double-tap on the ‘riders near me’ header the list will re-center on your name.


Double checked and we have a fix for double chat showing up in ZC in this build, but nothing specific to the Hide Chat option.

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Zwift Don’t release such info. Have to try it out yourself (and see no difference) or wait for zwiftinsider or a YouTuber to do the tests. See you on zwift.

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Please bring back the fence


Dark Helmet is going to be so disappointed. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Thanks for the updates!

Just one request. In a future update, can you make it possible to sell your bikes back in Exchange for some drops? I literally just acquired the Zwift Aero this week and blew my drops. Had the update would have been a week earlier I may have opted for one of the new selections.

Otherwise, thanks for your dedication to “continuous improvement”.


Just keep riding and before you know it you’ll have enough drops to buy something else. And not too long after that you will have acquired all of the virtual bikes and wheels you need and the drops will become meaningless. :wink:


No Factor in my drop shop after update :thinking:

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I was in the middle of a group ride and was kicked off for the Update. This was about 30 minutes into my ride. Why didn’t the update take place when I logged on initially. It unfortunately ruined my workout.

Lovely idea…it’s gonna be a bloody dead bike ij the garage for the old bike of we bought the better one :joy:

Is this update available on apple tv yet? Have rebooted checked the app store etc and its not coming up?>

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Any idea why the update for Android, includes - S20 High Quality Graphics (US Only) is this feature coming to the rest of us? I’m in the UK with a S20 ultra

How do i update the zwift game when i get the notification. I have never done it before

Apple TV only accepts 2 Bluetooth connections besides remote so that won’t work. Companion app solves that problem.

Would appreciate knowing more detail of what this bullet point addresses. As an ATV user, I have been experiencing a high level of connection drops between my bike and ATV (I believe that is where the drop is occurring) these past few weeks. Fingers crossed that this might be addressed with this update.


Apple always takes a few more days to let the update through the store.

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Updates on launch of the game. Doesn’t take long.

You can check App Store too for updates on Apple TV if you use that but Apple update generally takes a little long to be allowed through the App Store.

Could we buy or achieve more kits like the tour kits of the pro teams?


1650/super are both bad cards. RTX 2080 super! what we need is ray tracing

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