Game Update - May 28th, 2020

Hello Zwifters!

We have just released our game update for May and it contains a number of additions, improvements and bug fixes. The update is available for download now for PC, Mac and Android and will appear in the Apple App store for iOS and Apple TV soon. (UPDATE: Please note that the Google Play Store is experiencing significant delays in approving applications. This delay is impacting the Zwift game release so it may not appear in the Google Play App Store for users until next week.)

If you are planning to join an event on your next Zwift session, please make sure you log in a few minutes early to download the update.

Here’s a list of the key additions and improvements for this release.

Missions and Programs

  • Added new content in support of the Pride On 2020 program happening throughout June. This includes a new custom Ride On as well as cycling and running rewards for completing Pride On events.

New Content

  • Added a new esports focused training plan for all of those wanting to improve their indoor racing experience and maybe even get onto the top step.
  • Introduced a new version of the Ramp Test for riders who are smaller and lighter, or new users who want to start out at a lower wattage and ramp up in smaller steps.
  • Added numerous World Tour team event arches and cycling kits for upcoming events.
  • Added new running kits and accessories for upcoming running programs.

Events and Meetups

  • In game chat during a Meetup is now exclusive to the Meetup. Users in the Meetup will only see chat from others in the Meetup and non-Meetup users will not see any chat from users in a Meetup. (We still don’t recommend sharing your ATM PIN number in Meetups).
  • We’ve added a new event-only PowerUp to spice things up on dirt courses. The Steamroller PowerUp will make any bike ride smoother on dirt for a short time.
  • You can now equip any mountain bike or TT bike in your garage for use in a MTB or TT bike only event. Simply select the bike of your choosing while warming up in the paddocks.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Device pairing and connections

  • Made it easier for disconnected BLE devices to reconnect in Windows 10.
  • iOS BLE connections now behave better when the app is suspended.
  • ANT+ is now enabled by default on Android devices that support ANT+.
  • Fixed a bug where speed and cadence sensors could not be paired simultaneously on Android
  • Fixed a bug with resistance when using a Saris H3 via BLE on Android and Apple TV.

FutureWorks Boost Mode Fixes

  • Fixed the Boost Mode buttons on Apple TV, so now you can actually press them!
  • Fixed an issue with disappearing Charge/Boost icons on Apple TV during a Boost event.
  • Fixed an issue where subsequent Boost Mode events would lack the Boost UI.
  • Fixed an issue where crossing the finish line for a Boost Mode event at a segment arch would save the segment results. Segment results should be disabled for any segment where you used Boost Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where users on Apple TV could not send Boost Mode feedback via the in-game survey.

Other Fixes

  • Made it easier to upload log files on iOS and Android to help the team find bugs.
  • Made changes to a few anti-cheat flags for some segments that were overly strict. It never gets easier, you just get faster.
  • Fixed a few bugs related to the anti-sandbagging code causing a crash for iOS, Apple TV and Android users.
  • Fixed an issue where a previously unused power up would linger in Zwift Companion in subsequent game sessions.
  • Made a change to ensure minor accounts with weights below 45kg receive the proper in-game physics for their weight.
  • Fixed a few misbehaving routes in NYC and Watopia where users would sometimes take a wrong turn in a Meetup.

If you happen to hit any issues with this update, please post in the thread below.

See you in Watopia, Ride On! :ride_on:


@Wes now that the platform is stable, user numbers are down to normal levels, when are we going to get some new roads? It’s great you are fixing bugs to make things better but we haven’t had a major update for quite some time now.


Thanks for the comprehensive list of bugfixes. It’s appreciated. :+1:


Kind of underwhelmed at this one. When will 1 of the 2 big updates drop Eric spoke about on the zwiftcast a while back? Club functionality? Better tools for organising events/meet ups etc? Companion app improvements?


No kidding.

When will we see the UI improvements that were rumored to be coming this spring (Pre-COVID)?


Hey you guys at Zwift. I have been trying to get my account sorted out for over 10 days now. A major bug fix would just be a decent customer service !!!


Apparently this was pulled due to A) putting all resources into keeping the platform stable due to the increase in new users and B) not wanting to confuse these new users. Don’t really buy either of those two arguments, think it was more to do with the staff “re-org”.

But a major update has been left too long now. No new roads for half a year I think. (Well before Covid impacted everything) Never known development to be so slow since I joined years ago.


They were due at Christmas!

It is 6 months since any new tarmac at all, and features due in 2019 still have not landed. It hasn’t just slowed, development pace has completely ground to a halt.


We’ve been waiting for a response for this for a month …


Pleeeeeease change it so we can start a new ride/change course without being forced to close game and having to reload the entire thing!


Upvote the feature request, it’s only about 2 years old


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Totally, fix that problem asap… Sooo freakin annoying!! :face_vomiting:


I started up the zwift client at 6:30 to be at the start line for a 6:40 group ride. It is now 6:48 and I’m still waiting for the update to complete. May I suggest putting the updates AFTER the workout or as part of the shut down routine? So annoying to look forward to a ride all day a d be thwarted by a software update.


What about a way to access your garage or drop shop without starting a new activity.

Also, some new worlds/ routes would be really nice. You can only ride in London, Insbruck New York and Richmond so many times…


I’m guessing that there were Tokyo roads in the works, but it is getting frustrating considering that we haven’t seen any new free ride roads in about 260 days and no additions to Watopia for 300 days. Crit City is fun, but provides such a limited usage.


Thanks for the update Zwift. I know during these challenging times things would have been hectic for you guys. So many new users, events with over 10,000 people and an increased focus on the cheaters in game.
The platform has been a life saver for many people in lock down some the world. Thanks for keeping it going so smoothly.
Sure I’ve had some frustrations (drop outs and being ejected from an event early… nooooo) but they have not been on a regular occurrence. Great job Zwift :+1:t3:


Why are there so many things you can’t see or do until you start a ride?

View or amend FTP
View badges
Access drop shop
Access garage
View challenges e.g. Everest
View one off challenges e.g. Parlee

And why can’t you do things in the game that are in Companion? My kids are too young for smart phones and are missing group rides with their friends where they have enough devices in the house for everyone to have Companion. Couldn’t the website serve as the Companion app outside of rides?