Game Update - April 3, 2020

Hey Zwifters,

We’ve released an update today to address a few issues. These updates are available now for PC, Mac and Android and will be available in the coming days for iOS and TVOS devices.

This update includes the following:

  • An additional guest world is now available for users to select at the start of their activity, bringing the world choices available to three. This should help distribute users a bit and avoid traffic jams in popular areas.
  • An improved Meetup join flow with a 15 minute call up button so you can join your meetups with plenty of time to warm up. The auto join call up has also been changed to 5 minutes, to more closely match event call ups.
  • A bug fix for the overly strict “Cone-of-Shame” flagging. We’ve raised the limits so only truly superhuman efforts (according to the peer reviewed data) will get flagged now.
  • We’ve plugged in some core components to light up an upcoming FutureWorks powered event mode. More details about this mode coming soon.

Please be sure to log in a few minutes before any scheduled event you are attending to ensure you get the patch installed before the event start time. If you see new issues with this release please post them in the thread below and we’ll investigate.

Ride On. :ride_on:

Great job on the upgrades. I speak on behalf of a lot of female riders… we all have long hair, so a braid or ponytail option would be insane please. Fast braids even better! Please have a look for us?
Thank you guys!

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