Game Update - January 21st, 2021

Hey Zwifters, a new game update is now available which includes a number of improvements and fixes.

The update is available for download now for PC, Mac and Android and will appear in the Apple App store for iOS and Apple TV soon.

If you are planning to join an event on your next Zwift session, please make sure you log in a few minutes early to download to update and get access to all the latest features.

Large Event Improvements

  • We’ve added additional functionality to our event system to accommodate very large events. These changes will be most noticeable on lower end devices.
  • Some users may notice differences in the number of bikes/riders they see around them in large events. This is expected and a key part of the changes made to keep frame rates high enough to make the large group rides enjoyable for all users.

Pace Partners

  • Zwifters riding with a Pace Partner will now see a notification when they are entering or leaving the drops multiplier zone.


  • We’ve added steering support for the Wahoo KICKR Bike. Zwifters can steer via the left and right function buttons on the handlebars. Steering is done via a press and hold of a button to steer left or right.
  • Steering for the Wahoo KICKR Bike is currently unavailable on Repack Ridge, but will be available in a future update.
  • Improvements have been made to the default camera (camera 1) while steering to minimize camera movement while making significant changes in steering angle.
  • Steering responsiveness has been improved at higher speeds.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Numerous cycling and running assets (kits, shirts) have been added or updated.
  • Fixed a bug that would auto-select gender during account creation.
  • Implemented a 10% grade limit for Computrainer devices to resolve issues with sustained climbs above 10%
  • Improvements to Bluetooth pairing to reduce the chances of users getting “No Signal” when pairing a device.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Pace Partner survey to overlap other UI when ending a session.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Zwift Academy event filter to remain after Zwift Academy ended.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause mobile users to see a notification icon on the Zwift App after closing the game.

Update: Jan 25th
We’ve released a small patch for this release to address a few issues.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause some users to be unable to pair Bluetooth devices.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when showing race results at the end of a Meetup.
  • Fixed a bug in France which could cause some low-memory devices to crash.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented M1 Mac users from being able to select 1440p display resolution.

Update: Jan 28th
We’ve released a small patch for iOS devices to address a bug with older devices.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash for some users on older devices when joining or leaving an event in Watopia or France.

If you happen to hit any issues with this update, please post in the thread below.

See you in Watopia, Ride On! :ride_on:


Has the 100 riders rendered limit been reduced?


Not reduced, just reworked. It should run more smoothly now in exceptionally large events and most noticeably for mid to lower end devices.


Thanks, just hoping it’s not at the expense of those with hitherto unaffected devices.


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New blacker text on event titles is nice. :wink:


When can we expect some new features like clubs


Just updated, it connects to my power meter but doesn’t register any power output. I tested the power meter on other devices, works fine. Unable to use Zwift at all after the update.


Try power-cycling everything, just to see if that helps.


Any idea on when the Elite Sterzo Smart will be supported over ANT+? I believe it was originally supposed to be the fall, but haven’t heard anything since


When is steering for the stagesbike SB20 smartbike available?


When will we have off road tracks for the mtbiker?
It doesn’t look really fun to do the absa cape epic on Watopia or Richmond :see_no_evil:


Thank you. Are you pushing an update for AppleTV? Mine has refused to load the past 24 hours or so.


Is there anything we need to do on our end to enable steering on Wahoo Bike? Firmware? A soft switch in the Wahoo setup app?


Have you managed to fix the Apple Watch issue. Used the system earlier and crashed 5 times !


Is there a chance to get steering on the Tacx bike soon?


Does the Tacx bike have the capability built in?


Does this solve the Saris H3 / iPad / Zwift Bluetooth dropout problem?


Fixed race in meet-up?
New levels?
New routes?