Game Update v 1.45 [August 2023]

Hello Zwifters! Today, we begin a phased rollout of Zwift game version 1.45 today starting with Windows / macOS / Android devices first.

  • Climb Portal: Achievement badges will now be awarded to Zwifters who complete any combination of 1, 10, and 25 climbs. If you have already completed one of these achievements, you will be retroactively granted the achievement which you can view in the Badges screen.
  • Added a new results screen for races only. This will show a more simplified results view with more important data post race.
  • The Alpe du Zwift road line on the mini-map is now highlighted correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused steering to not work after switching from Running to Cycling.
  • Zwift Play: Fixed an issue that could cause a delay between pairing the controllers and the controllers being usable.
  • Zwift Play: Updated the battery indicator icon on the Pairing Screen.
  • Zwift Play: Fixed an issue that could prevent one controller from auto-pairing.
  • Zwift Play: General improvements to haptic feedback.
  • Zwift Play: Fixed an issue where unpairing Kickr Bike steering during a session would also prevent Zwift Play controllers from steering.
  • Zwift Play: Fixed an issue where if Kickr Bike steering was not paired, the Kickr Bike steering buttons would still work if Zwift Play was paired.
  • Zwift Play: General improvements to navigating the UI using Zwift Play controllers.
  • Improved the description of the Trainer Difficulty setting in Zwift Settings.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause intermittent swerves when cycling with a steering device.
  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur when navigating Workouts.
  • Fixed an issue where the list of Pacer Groups in the Teleport menu was missing icons and w/kg information.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing the Zwift Settings menu.
  • Fixed an issue where a runner’s shoes could be reset back to Zwift White when customizing their avatar’s hair or facial hair.
  • Apple TV: Fixed a crash that could occur when navigating from Zwift to the Apple TV home screen and then back to Zwift.

UPDATE August 4:
Phased rollout to iOS has begun. Phased rollout to PC / macOS / Android continues.

UPDATE August 7
Phased rollout to Apple TV has begun. Rollout to other OS platforms is complete.

Rollout of v 1.45 to all OS platforms is complete.


Interesting. I think this will be welcomed by many. To clarify, does this mean any 10 climbs and then any 25 climbs in total, no matter the mix of Climb Portal routes? And not 10 or 25 times up the same route?

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Yes, you’re correct. It doesn’t matter which road(s) - just ride to the top 1, 10, or 25 times to get the achievement badge.


Just out of interest, is there any XP bonus associated with those badges too?


Yes there is! A Complete List of Zwift Achievement Badges | Zwift Insider



I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for a badge and some bonus XP, despite knowing full well that levelling up means almost nothing above a certain point. Bring on the carrots, I say!


Excellent, interested to see what is being shown.

Edit: and of course assume it includes important data from everyone in the race !?

Yeah, me too. I’m at Level 59 and I can tell the light at the end of the tunnel IS an oncoming train. Hopefully Zwift is gonna give us another 10 soon. I was really hopeful the steps between 50 and 60 were going to take way more XP. It took me less than a year to get here, darn it all…

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Ha ha! Definitely don’t move towards the light!
In July last year, I was at level 50, having been stuck at the then-maximum for four or five months. (I know that some of you guys had been there for years.) Rumours of coming extra levels had circulated for ages, but I longed for the buzz of rapid gains and the regular unlocks that came with the first year of Zwift.
Perhaps a little rashly, I permanently deleted my old account. I started from scratch again in Zwift a little while later after trying some other platforms. Having levelled up to the 30s (not riding as much these past months), it’s been fun, but it’s already a case of diminishing returns in the gamification stakes.


Any screenshots?

Check out the Zwift Insider article :+1:

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Oh dear ! Not what I was expecting if this is an attempt to replace ZwiftPower results information.

Relax. It’s a quick summary of how you did in the race. You’ll still want to refer to ZwiftPower for the details.


Thank you for picking up on my comment. I am relaxed but I suppose I could have been more gentle in my thoughts.

As someone registered on ZP I think all that information is available to me in the first place (ZP) I always go to look at my results and performance.

I suppose what I was hoping for, and possibly others also, is similar or even more detailed information on all the other riders in the race, especially those not registered on ZP.

I believe we have been told that ZP is being phased out - I suppose I had anticipated that this improved in game results change would be a move to an improved visual of all racers performance.

Possibly more to come in future releases?

I’m very happy with Zwift and not leaving but possibly I set my expectations a little high.

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Well, in the post for the last update I mentioned problems with scrolling the results after a race. I guess Zwift has solved this by making it impossible to scroll in the new results list. A step forward?

Maybe a fluke, maybe a bug.
For the first time, I had a ZwiftPlay disconnect today. Steering never came back. but the Z/Y buttons still worked.

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Except zwiftpower only includes those who are registered for zwiftpower. The Zwift results screen includes all entrants and/or DNFs? Also, is the new in-game results list viewable after you click “CLOSE” or is it gone forever then?

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First ride with 1.45 on Windows 10 this morning.

  • Both Zwift Play paired instantly. Will see if it keep this way in the future or if I still need to reboot one or the other to have them both paired.
  • From the release notes, it seems to be expected : my Kickr Bike steering were not working at first; I had to go back to the device screen and check them under steering. Now KB & ZP operate as two completely different devices (well, three since ZP is made of two) which is a good thing. But I expect people saying that you broke the KB, which isn’t the case.
  • At first everything was working as expected but then I thought there was an issue with the right ZP since there was no display of the “Ride On bomb progress circle” when pressing the Z button. Even though there was for the first five minutes of the ride. I then tried other buttons on the right ZP and everything was working (steering, braking…). So I just pressed Z for three seconds and received haptic feedback only on the left ZP and people around me received Ride Ons. And it kept this way for the rest of the ride : no progress circle, only haptic feedback on the left ZP.

Kind of annoying, but another argument for getting rid of the “hold Z for Ride On bomb” and having a multi-press instead :slight_smile:


Using 1.45.0, there’s a hole in the road visible in this shot at the top of the little climb