Game Update v 1.45 [August 2023]

Yes, this has been confirmed that a fix is coming in 1.46 - the next update after this most recent one. :+1:

Mentioned in this thread:


Hi Mark. We’re still working on that issue, but it should be fixed in the next release.


iPhone and iPad users please note that phased rollout to iOS has begun.

tvOS has been delayed. We appreciate your patience while we work through this issue.

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So video capture is rolling out to Windows users according to ZI: Zwift’s Video Screenshots Feature Rolls Out to Windows Users | Zwift Insider
What is the schedule for it to roll down to the i5-6700 users?

Nevermind. I just saw the thread covering this. Yay!

I have a very unstable display (a lot of black frame) since this update with my RTX 3050 !
I have no display problem with other 3D applications…

PS, I run Zwift Full Screen on a VRR 120 fps TV …

Have you tried limiting the frame rate to something like 61FPS in the Nvidia settings?

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Hey folks, quick update on the race results screen: It’s not on for everyone with this release, so if you’re not seeing it no worries! If everything goes according to plan, game 1.46 will have the screen for everyone.

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This screen is meant to give the most need-to-know information at the moment when you’re likely not the most lucid and clear of mind (presumably due to a hard effort). It’s not a replacement or a solution for anything, that ZwiftPower does, it’s meant to be an improvement to the information you get immediately following your race and nothing more.

“Scale the feel of gradient changes”

How about this:
Trainer Difficulty → Gear Range Adjuster
or literally anything else LOL


Hi, I have lost details and shadows on Macbook M2 pro after last update…

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Agree that the wording isn’t completely clear but it is in no way a gearing adjustment. It flattens the feel of hills, doesn’t change your gears.

A little circle-i to hover over or click on with a few sentences might be a better way to explain what it does instead of trying to come up with a single short sentence to explain it.

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What it says in settings is that’s gradient scaling, which is what it is. It doesn’t adjust gear range on flat roads. Increasing Trainer Difficulty makes more resistance on climbs, but it makes less resistance on descents because the descent is effectively steeper. A feature to adjust gearing range would be a great addition but Trainer Difficulty doesn’t do that.


I guess so, but my point about the description still being not clear is still there
“Slope” in workout feature is more of a gear selector I suppose

When can we expect improvements in graphics for devices like Apple TV?

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I have not been retroactively granted a Portal achievement.

I rode my first Climb Portal yesterday. I was expecting a ‘Route Complete’ splash screen when I finished the approx 1.5 laps of Volcano CCW after descending (it’s not clear whether you have to complete the route or just the climb) but nothing. Just the route vanishing from the HUD after passing through the Volcano banner.

Then was pleased afterwards to read this post and see it was coming in 1.45. With retroactive award.

I’ve just updated to 1.45 and now see the ‘Portal Climber’ Acheivement Badge but it’s greyed out…

…so I don’t appear to have been retroactively granted the achievement?!

I saw this yesterday as well - no progress circle when trying to use the Zwift Play to give Ride On bombs, or to return a Ride On. I was doing a workout, and thought that maybe since it was in a workout, that display would not occur. I don’t do workouts often, so my familiarity with the interactions during a workout are limited.

Probably when devices like Apple TV increase their graphics processing capabilities.

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Apple TV devices have done just that over the past few years.

But perhaps not enough to increase the graphics profile in Zwift.