Game Update 1.56 [January 2024]

Hello Zwifters!

We begin our phased rollout of game version 1.56 today for Windows / macOS / Android.
Phased rollout to iOS and tvOS begins tomorrow.

  • Added the ability to dismiss event results from Zwift Companion. This one’s for those of you running Zwift on a device that’s out of reach.
  • It is once again possible to mix-and-match the Zwift Buffalo and Zwift Safety bike frames and wheels.
  • Adjustments to Drop Shop level and/or pricing requirements: Felt FR frame (Level 16), Felt AR frame (Level 23), Allied Able frame (Level 23; 550,000 Drops), HED Vanquish RC6 Pro wheelset (Level 17; 120,000 Drops).
  • Power-up tuning and balance adjustments in the Crit City gamified event.
  • The post-ride Streaks screen now has a “Skip” button to quickly skip through the results animations. Skip can also be activated via the Escape (Esc) key on keyboards, “B” button on Zwift Play controllers, and the “Back” button on Apple TV remotes.
  • The post-ride Streaks screen now shows how your accumulated streak stats (distance, calories, elevation climbed) changed as a result of your most recent activity.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect PowerUps could be granted in Climb Portal routes.
  • Adjusted the order of workouts in some workout collections.
  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur when using the Teleport feature in the Action Bar.
  • Fixed an issue that could affect drafting when riding in non-steering events with Play controllers paired.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when riding the Repack Rush route.
  • Fixed some items in the Garage showing incorrect unlock level requirements.
  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur after logging in to Zwift.
  • Fixed a visual issue where Climb Portal difficulty scaling options appeared incorrect when entering Climb Portal while doing a workout.
  • Fixed an issue where if you received a second power-up while the first power-up was still active, the second power-up animation was not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where bright lights (e.g. lava, Zwift Concept bike wheels) could spill over to the opposite side of the screen.
  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur on the Tour de Zwift Stage 1 Harrogate Circuit route.

Windows and macOS


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when ending a ride before reaching the finish line in an event.

Any questions or issues? Please let us know below!

UPDATE January 10

Phased release of v 1.56.0 continues today on Windows / macOS / Android
Phased release begins on iOS / tvOS

UPDATE January 11

Phased rollout of v 1.56.0 is complete across all OS platforms


Additionally - if you’re Zwifting on Apple TV, you may notice the new pairing wizard. More information on that on this thread.


:tada: :tada: :tada:

Does the 1.1.11 launcher comment mean it’s an automatic update rather than manual now?

What are the incorrect power ups in the climb portal?

This really needs to be extended to all interactions so that we can navigate through the app using only the Companion (for instance, I’m pretty sure I’m still get the occasional pop up for feedback on steering).


Previously, there were some conditions where the Aero and Drafting power-ups could be granted in Climb Portal, which has been fixed in this release. Climb Portal power-ups now only include Feather and XP (big and small).


You should be able to interact with and dismiss the steering survey via Companion, but please let us know if you’re not able to do this in the future.

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Yes - 1.1.11 will now be automatically installed for all Mac and Windows with this game release (previously it was only available via the Zwift download website).

is there any sign of a fix coming for the drone camera controls? it’s been broken for months.


Thank you!

No fix for the pace partner chevrons not being illuminated?

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Would love to see a revamp of camera controls! The new areas always emphasize sight-seeing, but the options are very limited. iPad build never got the drone camera to begin with, but some manual control such as swipe-look like in other touchscreen games would be great.


This should be resolved in 1.56 as well, although we missed it in the release notes. Please let us know if there are any issues with it after the update.


When will the ability to block other users be added to the game?


“Skip” on the streak screen doesn’t close the screen just goes through an animation a little quicker. Please make “skip” work as it should. And also add a “never show streak screen” option.


Rollout for Windows / macOS / Android continues today, and iOS / tvOS has started rolling out.


I noticed during install of the update this morning that some DirectX components were also installed. I always thought Zwift ran on OpenGL - what is the launcher/game using DirectX for?

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The companion app still won’t open in game mode for me. A friend has the same issue and we’ve both tried all the troubleshooting tips from the forums.
Can this bug be fixed?
Frustrating as it stops me from using the Zwift play controllers.

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Since the new Update, Training isn´t possible!! I use the Zwift Hub One and Zwift Play, so i have to connect over the Companion App. Every five Minutes the Companion App loses Connection so you have to reconnect. I tried it with direct Bluetooth and Click Controller too. The Problem with this constellation is that the Click ist connected but you can´t shift in the game. So frustrating!!

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