Zwift Launcher v 1.1.11 [November 2023]

We have introduced version 1.1.11 of the Zwift launcher app for macOS and Windows.

  • There is a function that takes Zwifters to a specific error code article on


  • Fixed an issue that didn’t retain username / password between sessions for some Zwifters.


  • Fixed an error message about not being able to launch Zwift, even though it launched successfully.

Launcher 1.1.11 can be manually downloaded from

In upcoming months, we will enable an automatic update to Launcher v1.1.11 for Windows and Mac users.


I just downloaded this launcher and my app still freezes when it says I am logged in.
(Running on Mac)

Hi @Mary_DH , sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

Looking at your game logs in our system, it seems that you were able to get past this issue. Can you confirm? If things still aren’t right, I’ll send a DM to gather some more details.

Yes it is resolved. I ended deleting the app and downloading it 3 times, but it is working now! Thanks!

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Hello , im still having this problem and is stuck on the startup where is “patching” but never proceeds part this. Have deleted and re installed x2 on mac

Hi @Raymond_Rowan_2048 welcome to Zwift forums!

There’s a number of different causes for installation problems in this Support article. Would you take a look and see if any of them might apply to you?

I don’t know if it’s much work but for those sharing a Zwift PC at home being able to have several users sessions like in a drop down select would be nice, as having to remember and type password 5min before a ZRL event is quite stressful :).

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Has Zwift considered ditching the Zwift Launcher on macOS and just distribute Zwift via Mac app store same as iOS/TVOS?

I manually downloaded the Windows OS update, it runs and installs fine and states that the launcher will be updated to 1.1.11 but when I check the ZwiftLauncher version it’s still What’s going on?

I also tried going into the Zwift folder and deleting the ZwiftLauncher version file, then running the latest ZwiftSetup download again, stone me it just went and put ZwiftLauncher version right back in there!

My next step was to completely uninstall Zwift and all of its components from my PC, I then manually downloaded it again from the website and reinstalled it. I went back into the Zwift folder and lo and behold, ZwiftLauncher version is there again! WTF?

Hi @Jonathan_Cost - Sorry about your experience here, I’d love to help clear up some of the confusion. After installing and running the new version, right clicking on the task bar icon should show the version. Can you confirm this is where you are checking for the version and seeing We can take a look and see if maybe we’re reporting the wrong version somewhere, and fix it in a future Launcher update if that’s the case.

In the meantime, I can confirm that the logs in our systems show that you are indeed running Launcher version 1.1.11 on all activities after January 11, 2024. You can confirm this as well by looking at your Log.txt files for each activity, these can be found in the Documents/Zwift/Logs folder.

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Hey John, thanks for your input.

Have just right clicked on the Zwift icon in the task bar and can confirm that it has version 1.1.11 for the Zwift Launcher. Where I’m seeing version is in the Zwift folder in program files, I’ve attached a picture. I also had a suspicion that it was stuck on version because one of the fixes in the update is to correct the need to input username and password everytime you login in and this is still the case for me.

Thanks for the details, you can ignore that file version as it is different than the actual Launcher version, although we will look into what it takes to keep that up to date so we can avoid confusion like this in the future.

As for your issue of Launcher not remembering your login, I will reach out directly and gather some more information to understand if your issue might be different than the one we fixed.

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