Zwift Launcher not able to update, ZLM01 error

Hey Zwifters,

I’ve been having issues trying to get Zwift working on my Macbook (M2 chip, OS Ventura) where every time I launch the program, I get an error saying “Unable to update Zwift app. Please confirm internet connection and try again. Error: ZLM01”.

My internet is working correct and there are no VPNs attached, and I’ve tried with different internet connections too – the iOS version of the app works on the same internet connection for example. I’ve also tried a complete reinstall of Zwift as per the official guide

Considering I’ve done everything as per the forum’s search results (reinstalled, nuked hidden folders, etc), I’m at a bit of a loss for what to try next!


For anyone who’s interested, I fixed my own bug by looking through the log files for the launcher app and noticed that it was trying to install the update into my Downloads folder but a recent Dropbox update had moved the folder elsewhere and sym-linked it so the launcher saw that the path was there, but couldn’t install into it and kept crashing (probably should be a different error code!)

To fix this, I went into my home folder (Finder, then in menu bar, Go > Home) then deleted Downloads (which wasn’t a folder) and created a folder called Downloads. After this, I reopened Zwift and it was working finally.


Thanks Rik. Your instructions worked perfect!

Rik , you are a genius

Thanks, Rik! I’ve been lost for this error ZLM01, and found your fix by chance. It worked for me perfect!

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Glad I could help! It should be a relatively quick fix for Zwift to do (code to check if Downloads is a directory or not!) but surprised it’s not been patched!

Hopefully this fixes my issue. Im going to try this shortly. I noticed after a fresh install Zwift game app was able to update but the launcher stayed the same even though a launcher update is out. Fingers crossed