ZLM01 error

I get the following error: “Unable to update Zwift App. Please confirm internet connection and try again. Error: ZLM01” (and in screenshot).

I’m using a MacBook Pro (2021) with macOS Monterey. Read each of the threads mentioning ZLM01, and accordingly shut off everything that could interfere with the connection: VPN, LittleSnitch, iCloud Private Relay, etc. Also gave Zwift permission to allow incoming connections in firewall settings.

I can connect fine on an iPad, so it’s something with this laptop.

Does anyone have any other ideas?

Hi @Scott_Dean welcome to Zwift forums.

It’s possible that the Zwift installer app is stalling out when it tries to install the download game app flies. That can happen when those files weren’t download correctly, or if there’s a problem with a file that already exists on your hard drive.

For situations like this, it may help to delete everything Zwift-related on your hard drive, and download the latest update manually (as opposed to the usual automated way). Instructions are here.

Before you delete everything - be sure you move your personal best and any custom workout files you may have created. That’s also covered in the instructions.

Would you let us know if that cleared the issue?

Hi @shooj

No, after following those directions it still didn’t work.

I’ll still be able to use Zwift since it’s loading on iOS/iPadOS, so it’s not a huge deal. In one of the previous related threads I saw that someone reinstalled their computer’s OS and that solved their problem. I don’t think I’ll go that far… Just wondering if there’s something obvious I’m missing.

Thanks for your help.