Zwift Launcher not running/crash Windows and Mac [1.1.8] [June 2023]

Hi, I cannot login at all on my MacBook Air following todays update. It opens up but hit “let’s go” and it crashes back to desktop. I have turned it on and off again to no avail. Ideas?

Hi @Samantha_Willis - please try restarting your computer and let us know if the issue persists.

(Edit: Sorry, I just saw you mentioned that you turned it on and off again - just to clarify, if you haven’t done a full system restart under the Apple menu → Restart, please try that)

Hey Evan, thats what I did. No joy, even did the apple update too

@Samantha_Willis Thanks for clarifying - I’ll DM you to collect some additional information.

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I am on launcher 1.1.8 and nothing odd happening here. Still on 1.40 and MacBook Air 2020.

Hi @evan-zwift

Not sure if this information is helpful or not.

mac OSX 13.3.1
Zwift 1.40
Launcher 1.1.8

Opened Zwift this morning, Zwift automatically ran an update, then it automatically installed something, then it automatically ran another update and after those two updates it’s still on version 1.40.



After just updating the Zwift App (June 1, 2023), trying to start the app I see the Launcher process start up and then die without starting the software. Anyone else?


Looks like a library error?

Is the file actually missing? This is on 1.40…

$ file Library/Application\ Support/Zwift/libant.dylib 
Library/Application Support/Zwift/libant.dylib: Mach-O 64-bit dynamically linked shared library x86_64

We’re on with this already chaps. Thanks for the support.

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Yes… Exactly the same issue on Windows.

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Zwift failed to launch after latest update. I have unstalled Zwift and installed the latest version. The PC runs Windows 10 Home. Please help… Event log follows:
Application: ZwiftLauncher.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.BadImageFormatException
at ZwiftLauncher.App.Main()

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@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ @Daren

Can we try to merge some of these posts into the same thread - sorry I’m not being very helpful by identifying the threads :joy:

David - We’re seeing a few similar posts about this and I’ve let our team know to investigate.

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Hi @David_Haughton, welcome to the forums!

Looks like you might have a corrupt file?

I just launched Zwift on my PC and it started up as usual, joined Coco and then exited the ride. I think you should try a full re-install. Delete all the Zwift folders including in your documents folder. Save any custom workouts you have made first somewhere else or you will lose them. Then download the new launcher from the website and do a full re-install.

Thank you, James.

This was my first posting on the forum.

I’m sorry if i do not know the correct protocol.

Regards, David H.

It’s okay, I wasn’t suggesting that you had done anything wrong :slight_smile: I’d seen a few similar so wanted our moderators to just keep them in the same place (I am very grateful to Daren for doing so)

Let me see what I can do… :woozy_face:

Mac users should now have a fix for this, I think it should download automatically. Some users may have to reboot.


Mac users - we can use your help to verify some fixes that went live for you today.

A fix for the crash at launch on macOS was pushed out today. Next time you start Zwift, you should receive a game update that fixes the crash at launch. Please reboot your Mac and restart Zwift.

For M1 / M2 Mac users specifically:
Q1: After the update / reboot - did he launch crash go away? Were you able to log in and start Zwift, in other words?
Q2: On the Pairing Screen - did you see a message like Accept network incoming message?
Q3: If yes, and you give permission to that message - does that message go away next time you restart Zwift?

For Intel-based Mac users:
Q4: Are you also seeing these crashes and/or messages about accepting network incoming messages?

We are pausing the phased rollout of 1.41 to more macOS users while we work on resolving the two issues (crash at launch and a persistent Accept Network message popup)

macOS users:
If you have not yet updated to Zwift v1.41 - you should see neither of these issues. Please confirm / deny.

If you already updated to Zwift v 1.41 - the next time you start Zwift, expect a déjà vu feeling that you’ve already updated. Reboot your Mac, and restart Zwift please. Let us know if you have either problem, thanks.

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