Launcher 1.1.9 for PC / Mac [June 2023]

We have introduced version 1.1.9 of the Zwift launcher app for macOS and Windows.

  • macOS: Updated icon to match Apple’s design guidelines.
  • Windows: There are no new Zwifter-facing features you’ll notice in this update.

UPDATE June 28

  • macOS: Fixed an issue where Zwift was not remembering user password on launch.

Thea latest Launcher v1.1.9 can be manually downloaded from


Hello ! I get an error Z117

Since the update (MacOS) I have to enter my password every time I log into zwift, is this normal behaviour? It wasn’t happening on 1.1.8.

Hi @Simon_Gray, thank you for reporting. We’re looking into this issue and will provide an update soon!

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Yep, same is happening to me after updating my Mac Studio to Launcher 1.1.9. I need to put my password every time I log into Zwift.

@Simon_Gray and @enricoclaudio
Thanks for flagging this up to us. A patched version of Launcher 1.1.9 for macOS was just released and will fix this issue. Please download it from


Thanks Shuji, the issue is fixed on my device


Yes, the issue is fixed. Thanks for taking care of this :slight_smile: