Updated Device Pairing Screen [December 2023]

Hi Zwifters!

We’ve made improvements to the Device Pairing screen in the game app that will start rolling out to Apple TV users only at the end of December and finish mid-January following our phased release protocol. It is not tied to a specific game version, but we recommend using the latest available version on zwift.com/downloads.

This button has been renamed to “Pairing Options” to better represent its function.

Your two options are either to use your Apple TV / computer’s native Bluetooth capability to connect your trainer / steering device / heart rate monitor, or to connect via the Zwift Companion app.

What’s new is an updated wizard that simplifies Bluetooth pairing using the Zwift Companion app. If you have the Companion app running on a separate smartphone, the wizard will automatically find detected devices and pair them via the Companion app. No need to manually make these connections yourself!

Q: I don’t currently use the Zwift Companion app. How will it help me?
A: In addition to its ability to pair your devices to Zwift, the Companion app enhances the game app with additional features. See this Support article for more information.

Q: I use Apple TV to Zwift. How will pairing via Companion help me?
A: Apple TV can pair to a maximum of three Bluetooth signals, including the ATV remote. By using Companion as a bridge, you can pair to your trainer, a steering device, and a heart rate monitor. See this article for details

Q: What phones / tablets can I use to run the Companion app?
A: See this article for supported devices.

Q: Will this work for ANT+ signals?
A: No. The signal that’s relayed via Companion can only be Bluetooth.

Q: Can I run the Companion app on the same computer / device as the main Zwift app?
A: No. Companion must run on a separate device.

Q: I followed the directions, but Companion and Zwift still won’t connect. What can I do?
A: See this article for troubleshooting options

Q: When will this roll out to other OS platforms?
A: The Companion pairing wizard aids Apple TV users most, so we will phase rollout to tvOS only during the first phase in December and January. Rollout to other OS platforms will follow.

Please see this Support Article for more detailed instruction on using this new wizard.


If there are more than one device, is it possible to choose which one is used firs time?

For example, I use a Garmin cadence sensor as it’s more reliable than cadence from my Tacx Neo 2.

I know this says “re-paired”, do I presume I can choose first time around; but if I wanted to change them, is it possible to forget one and choose the other?

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If you have a more complex training environment, you can manually de-select one cadence source (or power source) and select another as you can now


Will there be improvements in terms of black/white listing devices? My computer regularly picks up other trainers in the house. Setting the toggle in knowndevices to 0 does nothing. I’m asking specifically about directly connecting devices to a PC, not using Apple TV our companion.

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I very much welcome the changing of the button title.to Pairing Options. Currently, where it says either Pair via Bluetooth or Pair via Phone it’s potentially super-confusing to new Zwifters (and even now gives me pause for thought) since it can easily be seen as a title for the currently selected option as opposed to a toggle to select the option displayed.

So this seems like a good thing potentially. Hopefully the wizard part will be good too, and I look forward to trying it.


100% - and not just new Zwifters per se. I’d been Zwifting for about 7 years before I used an Apple TV, and I was still confused by it! :joy:


I use the Companion App while on Zwift, but not for pairing with my Apple TV.
I use a Wahoo DirCon for trainer/resistance/cadence, and a BT HRM via ATV.

If I have ZCA open will it override my preferences & pair my devices vai BT?

One thing that is annoying is that my ATV pairs my devices automatically like this:
Kickr as Trainer/resistance/cadence & my HRM.
But it picks the Kicker on BT, not DirCon, even though it’s connected.
I have to go into the pairing then choose Dircon over BT.



UPDATE January 9

We’ve increased rollout of the pairing wizard to more AppleTV users. If you have a third device attached to your ATV - that is, beyond your ATV remote and smart trainer - you may see the new pairing wizard.

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Could it be that power readings are becoming laggy.

Noticed the new pairing screen today. And had difficulties to pair everything with atv. Because it kept asking for companion (while only 2 BT connections)

Also I did a race combined with pairing via companion, and it was so laggy that I’m questioning my results….


  1. Regarding your Stages SB20, your firmware version is being captured on my end as version 1.1. I don’t trust that’s correct because Stages’ firmware release webpage shows v1.5.1 as being the oldest version. Anyhow - would you follow the instructions on that page and verify you’re on the latest firmware?

2 - the left and right power transmitters each have their own batteries. When’s the last time you changed those batteries?

3 - I don’t have an SB20, but I’m told that there’s a power source in the bike itself, plus the left and right power cranks, is that correct? If yes - all three should show up when you first select the Power data signal. Can you screenshot how many power sources you see when you select Power?

Used it today with atv and companion app. Worked perfectly.

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@shooj thank you for coming back.

The bike is on latest firmware 1.12.4+ 3792. So as both the powermeters 1.8.2 (1080002)

The batteries were changed on the 26th or the 30th of december, so full. Besides I received perceived thrustworthy effects the 3 or 4 events there-after.

Below the screenshot

Ps. When looking at my file did you notice strange behavior on my power-readings. It showed on screen/laggy, and it took long to react. But when looking at my files I see the typical spikes and felt the effort. However laggy. But if you see strange things I should ask my teamcaptain to call it out and remove my results.

There is no power meter in the bike itself. Pairing to the bike bridges the readings from the crank arms.

Ok, thanks for confirming the basics stuff like firmware and battery status.

The new pairing wizard should have no impact on the lagginess. Barring similar reports from others, yours might be a one-off situation. I’m going to ask that you contact my Support colleagues so we can take a deeper dive into your specifics.

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I got the update yesterday and now I can’t pair my TacX Neo2 directly. I have the new screens. When I select direct connect, Zwift searches and does not find the TacX. It will only find it through BT pairing in the Companion App.


I am super frustrated with this change.
I have now been zwifting for 2 years with AppleTV only, and was able to connect my Kickr Core + my HR sensor.

The Kickr is connected three times (Power, Resistance, Cadence), and now suddenly the HR connection fails with the message that the max connections are exceeded and I would have to use the Companion app.

Why breaking something that was working for 2 years?

Will now have to cancel the supscription since training w/o HR does not make much sense.

I really wish the Zwift Companion app supported using the Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor. Because it doesn’t, I can’t use it—I have to use another app to simulate a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, and that’s it for my iPhone. Is there a reason why you don’t do this?

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This happens to me as well.

@shooj gave it another try yesterday, same problems. Laggy, strange powerreadings. I stayed in the event and try to couple -uncouple things.

When going back to directly atv, when trying to connect HR, the companion prompt came up (while sb20 and hr are just 2 connections) and I made sure Zwift plays were turned off.

In the end I managed to get it working via companion, but it took me 5 minutes while the event had already began.

They have an update supposedly coming soon that is intended to improve Apple Watch pairing.

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