New Bluetooth Pairing Screen on Apple TV [May 2020]

Apple TV users should know that they are limited to three concurrent Bluetooth connections, one of which is the ATV remote. This leaves two open channels to pair with your trainer, speed sensor, cadence sensor, run pod, treadmill, heart rate monitor, etc.

To make this limitation more explicit, we’ve introduced a dialog box in the ATV game app, and it may be causing confusion for long-time Apple TV users.

  1. Apple’s Bluetooth device limit for ATV has not changed. This dialog box just communicates when that limit is reached.

  2. You can add more than 2 devices if you use the Zwift Companion app as a Bluetooth bridge.

  3. To avoid pairing to new unknown devices (which takes up one of the available connections), Apple TV no longer auto-pairs UNLESS a device is known to have paired before. If you want to pair to a new device, you will need to go to the pairing screen and connect it.

  4. Users may pair directly with devices in Apple TV’s native Bluetooth, or connect through Zwift Companion but not both.