Updated Device Pairing Screen [December 2023]

I had some hope ans followed Pauls link, but this adresses only the AppleWatch topic raised by Ted :wink:

When will Zwift associate/remeber paired devices based on the User selected, not the last User who rode? My wife and I both Zwift on the same AppleTV, and each have our own trainers / cadence / hr, etc.

We have to go through the process to deselect and reselect the correct devices each time we ride, since if I start a ride and she was the last one to ride, it’s still paired with her devices, even though I’m the user that is riding.

Is this rollout still finishing mid-January? I rode yesterday, 15 Jan, and still didn’t have the new Companion pairing screens.

UPDATE January 17

We’ve temporarily rolled back the pairing wizard to diagnose some connection issues that Apple TV users have reported. If you had been seeing the pairing wizard on your ATV and noticed it no longer appears - this is why.

Please keep an eye on this thread when we resume rollout of the pairing wizard.

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I never got the new pairing wizard, but recently I have been finding the pairing through Companion a lot more finicky (requiring several restarts of the Zwift app and Companion).

I’m not sure if this is related to me switching to a new phone with Android 14 or whether there had been any changes even with me not getting the new wizard.

I was able to pair my Neo directly this morning, so the rollback seems to have fixed it. It was still finicky, if you select pair through phone by mistake it is hard to get back to pair through BT, it took a couple of restarts.

We appreciate you looping back to confirm it’s working now!

Since the update to the Apple TV for the pairing screen rolled out, my trainer is supposedly paired, but will not respond when pedaling. Somedays I’ve been able to get it to work after four or five restarts, but I’ve given up and had to use a laptop. I’ve used Apple TV for Zwifting for over 5 years (level 69 currently). When will the app return to normal? Go back to the old pairing screens that worked fine.

We rolled back the pairing wizard for Apple TV yesterday. Look upstream a few posts above yours.

If you’re still seeing the pairing wizard - power off / on your ATV box, and restart Zwift.

No issues with ATV new pairing wizard and Wahoo Kicker Bike FYI

I’ve power off multiple times and uninstalled/reinstalled Zwift multiple times. It is a dead brick. This is frustrating. 5+ years and I have to take an FTP test and cannot get Zwift to function!

Like so many others, I’ve had a love/hate relationship since late 2018 while using the setup below with Zwift:
Cycle ops (now Saris) H2 Smart Trainer - firmware current
Apple TV 4K 1st Generation (most current SW update 17.3)
Apple Watch Series 4 for HRM (most current SW update 10.3)
Apple iPhone 12 (most current SW update 17.3)
Zwift on ATV (at most current SW update 1.57.1)
Companion App on iPhone (most current SW update 1.353.0)

Up until software update 1.56, I have been able to utilize my Apple Watch as HRM, while putting up with the finicky connection challenges so many users have described. Since this update and the release yesterday of 1.57.1, I cannot get Zwift app to recognize my Apple Watch as HRM. After updating to 1.56, my watch said it was paired and showed heart rate information, but the app showed no connection and no heart rate information was recorded, even though I was able to monitor it throughout my ride via my watch. HRM is critical for me (turning 70 in March), and for everyone else. When can a solution for this ongoing problem be provided!

As far as we’ve been told, 1.57.1 is 1.56. 1.57.1 is the reversion of 1.57. I don’t have an explanation for what you’re experiencing. Perhaps Zwift can tell us if 1.57.1 is in any way different from 1.56.

So, go figure; I rode this afternoon & everything synced 1st time and had a successful ride with Apple Watch as HRM working fine. I’ll update if something goes awry!