Pairing Issues: Apple TV and Zwift 1.42

Zwift Support suggested I put this/these here.


With update 1.42, Zwift for Apple TV seems to have broken both aspects of the pairing screen and Zwift’s support for AppleTV connectivity by Ethernet. There are are several issues. I’ll start this one and put the others in replies.

a. The CONNECT WITH PHONE (formerly CONNEC WITH COMPANION] option simply does not work with Zwift 1.42 for Apple TV if the number of BLE connections exceeds ATV’s maximum of two.

If I exceed (in the Zwift app’s opinion) more than two BLE pairings, I receive a [DEVICE LIMIT] popup. If I Click [CONFIRM] to “Would you like to use Zwift Companion to pair your devices,” the page clears all pairings and defaults to [PAIR WITH BLUETOOTH] (See screenshots). This applies even if I’ve already selected [PAIR THROUGH PHONE]

When the screen shows “Pair With Bluetooth”, that’s a hutton and not a title. So it means that you’re on the screen to pair via Companion, and pressing the Pair With Bluetooth button switches you back to pairing via the ATV Bluetooth.

It’s very confusing.

I’m afraid I use a very old convention of putting what used to be called a “soft button” in square brackets. Back from when GUIs were new. I’m a DOS 3.3 survivor.

Also, more will be revealed when I get to pairing my KICKR 6 via WiFi and how Update 1.42 for Apple TV (I’m dealing only with the TVOS platform, changed the way Zwift deals with Ethernet connections. Lots of different ways in which the two connection soft buttons work differently than under 1.41 and prior.