Zwift Climb Portal [2023]

Or at least have the option, somehow, to do a short climb or a long climb! I agree, while making sure there are other people on the climbs is good, with only 1 climb available for 2 weeks… we (I?) will get bored very fast.
:mountain: :mountain: :mountain:

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I think that it is a bad idea to limit as much our access to different climbs. I see the point in keeping low the number of routes and maps available to keep population as high as possible, but I think as well that this criteria does not apply for climbs.
At least for me they played a role in my training routine, and choosing what I needed was key to enter. Never got in by turning into when cruising Zwift.

May be you can choose one or two climbs to get access to by the portals in the map, and a bigger selection by a dedicated Portal Climb feature.

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does seem a bit backwards to have all 8 enabled whilst the TdF was going on but reduce it to a single climb when its finished, what the reasoning is behind this as the infrastructure can cope with multiple climbs being available, it just seems an odd decision


With the latest update (1.45) there are 2 new Climb Portal Badges. One badge if you have completed 10 climb portals and on for 25 completed climb portals.

Does that mean you can choose the easiest climb portal and climb it 10 times to receive the badge or is there some secret combination to attain the badges?

I don’t quite get it.


Climb portal schedule :man_facepalming:. As above please rethink limiting us, it’s a huge own goal! Just let me choose the right climb for me in the now, I don’t care if I’m the only one on that particular rainbow road at the time. I do care that the right climb for my workout or even just the one that takes my fancy at the time can’t be ridden for another week :man_shrugging:


Yup, it’s that simple: Game Update v 1.45 [August 2023] - #6 by shooj

Cheers. Thanks for the clarification.

Agreed, and the guest world schedule needs to go as well. It isn’t 2019 just open everything up.


I wasn’t sure about the climb portal feature at first but after riding all of them, I’m do like them & had incorporated them into my routine. However, opening just one climb every 2 weeks will just stifle this new feature. No reason not to offer all or at least half of them at any given time. What happens when there’s 20 portals, we only see them once every 40 weeks. Why give us a good new feature just to take it away or make it worth less.

Is there a possibility of a climb portal hack similar to the world hack where just editing the ‘prefs’ file would give you the ability to ride a particular climb portal? Should be simple if there’s a keyword & corresponding portal number to activate it.


There is a PortalRoadSchedule file in the Zwift folder, but it looks like it gets recreated each time Zwift launches.

or just change your system clock to the date that matches the scheudle.

I’m getting multiple draft vans and aero power ups in the climb portal this morning, I thought it’s just supposed to be XP and feathers? When it’s spinning it doesn’t show van or aero but I keep getting them.

Tally for one ascent:
3 vans
2 aero
1 feather
4 10xp

Also chat still doesn’t work in the portal.

Also there are no 10th point markers on the descent.

Did we ever reach a conclusion if the +250xp had been nerfed? When I first did the climbs I was getting +250 two or three times per climb, now I’m lucky if I get it once.

Same, I haven’t received a 250xp in a few climbs. First day it was raining 250s.

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I got a +250xp on 9 August in the Climb Portal. Not sure if that helps.

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Does anyone know if Zwift will add climbs from the Vuelta into the Climbing Portal?


Still able to steer off the side and float in midair on the descent

Stuff like that happens when you start opening spatial portals and other rifts in spacetime. :smile:

Features I’d like to see:
-possibility to make meetups or club events.
Sub point: within that, selection of all existing climbs
-I get that community is the name of the game, events are were it’s at. Climbing, inside outside, you’re often alone. Groups break, the pack dynamics change etc. This is what it is. Trying to force people with other people is not what I want. I’d much rather have a choice in the matter of what climb I’m going to do

Can I just say finally, some diversity from the four climbs we had before. Thank you.

-graphics, so magic roads has that random scenery so many people ask for. Agreed on the sky changing Colors being too much. Tweaks to actual color scheme vs random trees would be better IMO. Not a huge fan of the random scenery.

-sudden % changes, again, this has been tackled a long while ago by RGT users with GPXMagic. Going 2% to 12% or more is unnatural. Progressively ok, a wall in front, not as much.

Thank you have a great day.

Looks like we have two new climbs from the Vuelta just around the corner.