Zwift Climb Portal [2023]

Climb Portal is coming!!!

Climb Portal is your go to spot for a fun and challenging climb. Starting June 30th, 2023, we will have a rotating selection of real world climbs that will be simulated on Zwift with an all new look and feel!

During the month of July, we will have a rotating selection of climbs that change every week for free rides, but if you’re looking to ride a specific route, check out the Climb Portal: First Ascent Challenge screen to choose your route on demand. Conquer them all like the riders in the Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift:

  • Col d’Aspin
  • Col des Aravis
  • Cote de Domancy
  • Cote de Pike
  • Col du Platzerwasel
  • Col du Tourmalet
  • Col de Trebiac
  • Puy de Dome

You will be able to use your trainer difficulty settings to your advantage just as climbing a hill in a lower gear creates a climbing advantage. However, some trainers will not be able to match the climb grade in some instances due to the extreme grade. In those instances, your trainer will stay at its highest grade until you move back into a section that is within your trainer’s capabilities.

We will also have a new badge that you can achieve by completing the Climb Portal: First Ascent Challenge. Complete both stages throughout the month of July and earn the coveted First Ascent Badge! The Climb Portal: First Ascent Challenge starts on June 30, 2023 at 18:50 UTC and ends on July 31, 2023 at 13:00 UTC.

To learn more about Climb Portal, check out the FAQ or visit the main page.


FAQ link is dead.

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that routes section is rather confusing what is the difference between stage 1 and stage 2 and all the courses would be better organised in date order

Are stage 1 and 2 available at the same time as the date seem to suggest?

Happy to be corrected, but I read it as there being 2 stages to complete the mission; each stage has 4 climbs to chose from, completing any one of those 4 climbs would complete the stage (so completing Cote de Trebiac & Cote de Dormancy would complete both stages) and all the climbs are available to select from the event screen all month long.

I’m really excited for this feature and can’t wait to give the climbs a go! Will these be available for events? I see the language on “During the month of July, we will have a rotating selection of climbs that change every week for free rides”, which to me suggests that it will only be for free rides, but would love to see them used in events.

you could be right there i just saw the dates and thought maybe that was when they are available to us but on second reading maybe it’s when they are on for the Tour de France. These sort of questions probably in the FAQ if i could read that





Is this what it’s gonna look like when riding one of the portal routes ?

I hope not… I had 80 column terminal text “graphics” that looked better :thinking::grin:



Got to be the most anticipated and most disappointing.


You are correct!

When I saw the initial video I just presumed it was a beta product and it wouldnt look like that on launch… Oh. Its an interesting design.

90mins looking at that going up a climb might get pretty boring quickly.

Was there no way to import any generic landscape?


Looks worse than Mario kart on the snes… Is this really going to be the final product?


At least try it before you start criticising! You can’t base your overall opinion on one screen shot. I agree it could be terrible but I can’t decide that until I’ve at least given it a go! Tough crowd!


Are the colours shown not related to gradient either?

The colors do correspond to gradient.

I’m a big fan of the visuals. Thinking about the other two big climbs in Zwift now, Alpe has great visuals but Ventoux is mind-numbingly boring. If this feature did something similar to RGT’s Magic Roads and made visuals super generic and boring, like Ventoux, I would hate it. But these gamified, colorful visuals with extra floating elements and whatnot do enough for me to be happy. At the end of the day, I’m really just focused on the climb, not little details on the side of the in-game road. I’d much rather have a whole menu of climbs to chose from and have them come out with new ones all the time.


This looks great! Just what I expected


Did you miss that it was a question from my side ?

Is this what it’s gonna look like when riding one of the portal routes ?


I appreciate this can be a marmite situation but I think those graphics look absolutely terrible.

With other apps launching with far superior graphics to Zwift, they seem to be going in the opposite direction with more cartoon like graphics.

It’s just total mixed messages, recreate some iconic climbs and then make it look like old SNES Mario Kart rainbow road.

Not for me Clive.


Maybe it is homage to 80s/90s cycling, so we can feel like what it is to do iconic climbs smashed out on drugs.