Climb portal ideas

So I know that Climb portal is coming, it’ll be awesome to ride some French climbs that were mentioned but I’d just like to add a few more suggestions:
•Haleakala in Maui, HI (this climb is known for being the world’s LONGEST paved climb according to the Strava segment)
•Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, AZ. This is a climb in the same city as the El Tour de Tucson race being 29 miles with a gain of 7,064 ft to the top

•Mauna Kea, Hawaii, this Climb is probably THE LONGEST continuous climb IN THE WORLD being 55.5 miles long with 13,762 ft of gain and an average of 4.7% (so the main challenge is that it’s just VERY LONG and not so much steep ESPECIALLY compared to the Radio Tower. Just wanted to share my ideas for the upcoming feature and I hope it gets considered. Ride On!

Maybe let us release it first :slight_smile:


I’m not sure picking 3 of the world’s longest climbs is what people would want.

They’re iconic yes but perhaps not as much as the ones in the Alpes, Dolomites etc…

Can imagine the Zwift course designers faces when told to recreate an 80km climb.

Feature request: Zwift to suck the oxygen out of our pain caves in proportion to the elevation as the climb progresses.

That long climb in Colombia should be fun …


Out of interest (and I may be wrong here), but is there anything stopping someone getting the gpx data (with elevation) and pushing that into Zwift as a workout - then crack on?
Obviusly ignores any graphical representation of the course, but gives you the climb

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Start wearing no face mask, then 1, then double up etc…

As you reach the summit you are wearing a 1940’s gas mask.

That’ll do i reckon.

Combine it with a heater set on max which you gradually turn down to cold as you reach the summit and turn on 3 pedestal fans for the decent.

I know, I just wanted to add a few suggestions that could happen in the future. These are just ideas.

Someone called James may have already suggested Mount Lemmon. I’ll see if we have Haleakala on the future list.

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Ok, thanks!

I’ve ridden this in IRL, and whilst it’s quite fun there going from desert to ski resort, I can’t think of a more boring climb profile to do on an indoor bike, let alone a climb portal one. It never gets steep and takes hours.


Aren’t most climb profiles just boring. I think what makes climbs special are the scenery. It is like the Zwift ALPE and Zwift Ven top. Only the Alpe is nice to climb not because it is easier but because it have changing scenery and nice views.


I have another question relating to the portal. I think it’d be cool to do every road on Watopia sometime in the coming years, but the problem I have is trying to not get lost due to it being such a big world and doing roads twice (as much as possible because I feel to get the steering sections in Titans Grove I’d need to do a loop to get the non-steering section and the steering section including the one that’s going to be added that is sort of like a game.) Also how do I get my Zwift map Route and add it to the list of Watopia routes so I can just click on it and do it? (Not asking to create my own roads like I have previously but just a route I could add to the library so I don’t get lost so it does the turns for me.)

Again, these are just ideas and my dad has done Haleakala (note: he and I use the same account but I didn’t go on the trip with him so that’s another reason why I want it added so I can do it without the travel expenses) and it’s just cool because you go from coastal, lush and green coast to being above the clouds (so it’d be the second one that does this the first being ADZ) and the scenery just looked like Mars!

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Zwift can’t do that but there’s a third-party app that can do custom routes:

Latest update:

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Well, I know I can create a route on I just don’t want to have to download a completely new software but that I can just do it on an ipad and download the fit file and put it on Zwift that way. Is that possible because there must be a way to save route that I created on

There is no way to do that in Zwift and there has been no indication they are working on it. Road Captain doesn’t run on iPad, just Windows and macOS. But it would handle all the turns for you, and provide a UI for building routes using the available roads in the game. RGT Magic Roads is probably the closest thing to what you’re asking for.

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I’m wondering if sometime soon Road Captain might be a useful tool for creating custom route races by the event organisers.

That’s fine. I have no problem getting road captain but I was just wondering IF it was necessary. Also for doing a ride that covers ALL of Watopia I just didn’t want to stop at the Uber Pretzel because:

  1. It repeats the desert
  2. Doesn’t include the Titans Grove, Climb Portal, and Bypasses (as these didn’t exist at the time and even the Climb Portal doesn’t now but when I do this ride it will),
    so when the portal gets released I’m just asking for maybe some turn-by-turn directions so I can know how to create the route W/O repeating roads as much as possible. (also I want to include the steering sections Repack Ridge and Rush-Repack Rush was in a new announcement, in a nutshell it will be a steering game with pads to ride over which either make you reduce or gain speed and it will have some coins to collect as well).

(Begin Quote):
Repack Ridge (Rush)
"When Zwift released version 1.39 on May 3, they included this note: “Repack Ridge is temporarily closed while we work on exciting improvements.”

Riders can visit the entrance to Repack Ridge and see a new paved section, new start pens, and more. This paved road rambles near Repack Ridge’s dirt singletrack, but extends longer and eventually meets up with the road descending from Saddle Springs, just before crossing the bridge to Ocean Boulevard. Based on the leaderboard title seen in Dave Higgins’ Climb Portal link (approve), this new road appears to be named “Repack Rush”. The new Repack appears to be a new steering game with time bonuses and sections to ride over (or avoid) which either boost or reduce your speed.

All of this is reminiscent of “game” discovered by Zwift Hype years go which lived inside one of the temples in Watopia’s Mayan Jungle. That game never went public, but this new Repack road seems to be much more intentional, and we think it will go live soon." (Quoted from Recent Zwift Leaks: 6 “Coming Soon” Features? | Zwift Insider)

Hi Kirk,

I’m the developer of RoadCaptain :wave:

Importing routes from Zwiftmap is high on my list of features to add. It should not be super hard to do but right now I’m working on the route sharing feature and hope to finish that in the very near future.

Once that’s done I’m back to things like:

  • Updating Makuri Islands
  • Route imports
  • Supporting group rides