Climb portal ideas

Ok, sounds good!

Just to be clear the climb portal does not have anything to do with routing, it is like another big climb (ie. Alpe de Zwift)

Well, it’s part of Watopia so I wanted to include it (and it WILL be part of Watopia) and I know Zwift is saying it will be different than what we’ve seen but to me it still sounds like a new road in Watopia because you will be able to ride from say, the desert flats, ride to the Volcano, and go through the portal and maybe meet up with the Alpe du Zwift? So that’s what I mean.

What long climb? I can’t find it because there’s multiple mountains in the country.

What is it called so I can find it?

I just have one question, will the petals be their own thing or will we (for example) be able to ride up Col d’Aspin in Watopia and decend ADZ?

I have to agree with @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ. I love climbing but if I’m going to ride a climb more than once or twice it’s the scenery that attracts me. I would love the iconic climbs but only if the scenery is close to real life.

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I don’t think it need to be close to be like real life just interesting to keep my attention.

I suppose for me, as I’m never going to get to ride the climbs in real life, I’d like them to be similar to IRL.


I just googled “long climb Colombia” :blush:

Thanks for that!

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WOW!!! That’s Insane!!! That’d be an AWESOME challenge!! Bring it on!!!

That’d be a 5-6 hour climb for most. Can you imagine…:scream:

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Hi Kirk,

I needed a break from building the route sharing feature so I thought about your feature request on importing Zwift Map routes and was thinking “How hard can it be? :thinking:

Well, I’ve got a (very) rudimentary approach that seems to work:

The route in Zwiftmap:

Imported into Road Captain Route Builder:

This should land in a preview release soon :+1:

@moderators: Feel free to remove this if it’s too off-topic :slight_smile:


Thanks, I was just trying to make a solution that would maybe work on an iPad by going to Safari instead of having to download a new software.

Yes, the scenery does help.

Ventop has better scenery than ADZ though and it’s a better challenge.

Sort of like having Col de la Bonette - another monster climb in France that doesn’t give any rest.

I don’t know if you are serious. Ventop looks boring on tv, Zwift made a good replica.

I would like to do Ventop IRL to say I did it and just that will make it a awesome ride.

I do like riding the Zwift Alpe because of the changing graphics and awesome scenery not because it is modeled after the real Alpe.

A simulation of a route profile can’t replace the real thing.
Zwift spoiled us with the Alpe any less will just be ok.

I like the idea of a route up Olympus Mons, but overlaid on the scenery of France. Meager 72,000 ft climb


The question is, would ANYONE ride that!!! Who wants to climb 72,000 ft in a 300 mile bike ride!!!