RoadCaptain feature announcement: Route Sharing

It’s been a long time since I shared any updates on RoadCaptain and that’s mainly because I started a new job and unfortunately time has been very limited to work on RoadCaptain.

However, this is a new feature I’m working on that I really wanted to share here: I’m introducing route sharing!

It will become possible to search for routes that other Zwifters have created using Route Builder. From Route Builder you can choose to upload your routes to the RoadCaptain official route repository where other Zwifters can find your routes.

This will take RoadCaptain to the next level and bring the social aspect of sharing the Zwift magic even better :+1:

Right now it looks very minimal, just browsing all routes but this feature will allow you to search:

  • By route name
  • For routes that include a particular KOM and/or sprint segment
  • By distance (min/max)
  • By ascent (min/max)
  • By descent (min/max)
  • For routes that are loops
  • By creator
  • By starting segment (the Zwift route this starts on)

So lots of good stuff coming!


Any plans to support the Urukazi expansion in RoadCaptain? Last I checked it wasn’t there.

That’s definitely on the list :+1:
Need to find some time to do that though…

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