RoadCaptain route sharing

A while ago I posted an update on what’s happening with RoadCaptain and a new feature I’ve been working on: route sharing for RoadCaptain.

It’s a feature that let’s you find routes that other Zwifters have created and quickly pick a route and ride it as well as sharing the routes that you have created with the other Zwifters also using RoadCaptain.

This post is a quick status update on what’s been done so far.

What works right now is that in the RoadCaptain Runner there is a screen where you can search for routes in various repositories (basically, a place where you can store routes. Can be local or on-line). It has a bunch of filter controls on the world you want to ride in as well as distance, ascent/descent, specific segments you want to ride on your route.

In RoadCaptain Route Builder, the save dialog has been updated to also support the route repositories which means you can now upload your route to the RoadCaptain official route repository so that it becomes available to other Zwifters.

A preview release will be coming out soon for you to try out. In the meantime, here is a demo video (apologies for the poor quality!) of the feature at work from Route Builder to the Runner: RoadCaptain Shared Route - YouTube