Create your own route and follow (RoadCaptain)

So it turns out I’m not the only one who wants to build and ride their own routes in Zwift.
Over the last few months I’ve built RoadCaptain to do exactly that: design a route :point_right: ride it!

I’ve uploaded a demo on YouTube: youtu . be / o_Hs37y_FwM (remove the spaces!)

You can download RoadCaptain and read more about it on my Github page: github . com / sandermvanvliet / RoadCaptain (remove the spaces!)

I’d be happy to get in touch with the Zwift folks on this :+1:

If you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at or through GitHub.

Ride on!


I’m going to check this out!! Thank you!!

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Very cool, deserves its own thread


I second this!

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Beautiful hack :100:

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Really cool, this is a great addition, and I think this deserves it’s own thread @Sander_van_Vliet_ to get attention! It’s really nice to ride custom build routes in Watopia, and here it’s possible to share routes as files as well!

I tested it this morning, and have a couple of questions/ comments:

  • Does it “steal” the slot for the companion app? As long as i had the RoadCaptain running I wasn’t able to pair the companion.
  • Is it possible to add a “zoom” function to the route builder? Some of the segments are somewhat easy to miss when clicking.
  • There is something strange with the “bambino-fondo-004-before-before” segment. I’m only allowed to build routes heading towards the volcano, while when riding the routes I’m told to start “The Mega Pretzel” heading the opposite way. Furthermore when I tried a route this morning, I got stuck in the segment heading for the Italian villas 1, and the routing didn’t work anymore.

That is very cool & neat feature. Id love for somone in Zwift to jump on this & license it for end users and fully integrate it. The racing potential (it always comes back to racing lol) is fantastic and could reinvigorate some of the route choices that get repeated day after day.

As a suggestion to help get you some more traction - I would put together a video showing a ride with me feature using it so potential group rides could use it.

But great work with that…

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ would this be better placed in its on thread to get some attention to it?


There is already a (short) demo video on youtube:
(RoadCaptain demo - YouTube)
But there’s definitely an idea for a more extensive one.

I could create a separate thread but not sure which sub-forum to post to?

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Thanks for the kind words :+1:

  • RoadCaptain pretends to be Zwift Companion so you can’t use both at the same time. (For now at least)
  • Zoom and pan is planned for next release of RoadCaptain, see issue 29 on GitHub to see what’s happening there
  • I’ll go check that out, I might have misconfigured that spawn point

As to the issue following the route, could you open an issue on GitHub and provide the RoadCaptain log files + route that you were using?


Very impressive stuff, nice one. :+1:

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Excellent, really really well done! :+1:

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Great work!

How long until Zwift says this violates their ToS though due to accessing APIs etc?

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Zwift should just sign him up. it would be a great tool for event organisers if we can create custom routes


That would be the sensible thing to do. Unfortunately Zwift have a track record of shooting themselves in the foot. Hopefully we’ll be pleasantly surprised this time.


Why don´t Zwift has this in their tools…

Maybe, Eric is cutting a cheque as we speak… :smiley:

Wow. YES. Thanks for this! Will try it out soon :grinning:!

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I’ve just released RoadCaptain version :tada::tada:

Lots of improvements to the route builder:

  • Route start and end markers are now visible on the map
  • Show KOM segments
  • Show sprint segments
  • Show a warning when a segment can’t be reached from a spawn point (for example the road leading to the volcano)
  • Fix some issues with route directions. Sometime the start segment would be the wrong way around…
  • You can now zoom and pan the map! No more squinting at the screen when building a route :tada:
  • Checked, double checked and triple checked the spawn points in Watopia. They should now show the correct Zwift route to select when starting the game

RoadCaptain should show the new version popup when you next start the app.
You can also download it directly here: Release · sandermvanvliet/RoadCaptain · GitHub (remove the spaces!)


Just released version which adds the Rebel Routes as built-in routes to RoadCaptain.

That makes it a lot easier for people to try out RoadCaptain as you don’t have to manually build them :ok_hand:

There are also a bunch of other updates, including two new spawn points in Watopia.

You can find the new release and an overview of changes here: github .com / sandermvanvliet / RoadCaptain / releases / tag /


Do you have a plan in case zwift kills your API or takes your project?