Route change while riding?

Is there hope for this?
I would like to be able to choose a route to change to while riding and have your avatar navigate to it and stick to that new route automatically.

Having to use the companion app at every intersection is bothersome, and some times it doesn’t even work.
I’ve ridden wrong SO many times bechause the companion app is slow to send (or something)
And no, that’s not my wifi and i know someone want to blame it on that. I’ve got a solid 800Mbit wireless to my phone (meassured) and my network equipment is rather expensive and properly set up due to the nature of my hobbies and work.

So, Will there ever be an option to use the action menu or pull up the main menu to select a new route?

Hi Robert,

To the best of my knowledge this isn’t currently in our plans, but that isn’t to say we won’t do it.

Check this out. The community is picking up the slack here again.

Only issue you won’t get a badge if you didn’t select the route from the home screen.

@Robert_Graawe_V I’m the developer of RoadCaptain which @Freighter linked here.
It allows you to do exactly what you want, let me know if I can help out with anything :+1:


Thanks for being a legend! Thanks for letting it know its still not on the radar per @James_Zwift

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While I think 3rd party hacks like RoadCaptain are a fantastic additional to the community - they only benefit a very small sub section of the user base - (window users) so can’t see them being of any real benefit.

It looks completely ridiculous to me, that its only taken a one man development to bring much wanted features to Zwift via a screen overlay, compared to the massive financial and staffing resources Zwift has to hands - you would think these sorts of things would be apart of the FutureWorks features, a bit like the old Google Labs stuff


I’ll reply here instead of creating a new topic:

I wouldn’t mind being able to browse (current) worlds and routes in the Companion app.
I’m new to Zwift and I’m forced to go to my tablet to either plan rides or choose another route when I’m finished with the current one. (Everything for a badge, right?)

This is somewhat doable in the companion app.
Go to the Events section, then to Meetups and create a meetup. There you can choose any world and route, you get a small map of the route and distance. When finished browsing, cancel/discard the meetup.

Or if the world isn’t in rotation that day, you can invite one other person to your meetup (they don’t have to join) and you can get the route badge. You may not see any other zwifters on the route, but you can get that badge either way!

Oh right, hi!
I totally forgot to check the forums after i had done a windows reinstall.
I have tried road captain, it’s quite good!

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Got triggered by a reply here and read your post again.
In fact RoadCaptain also works on macOS and technically also on Linux however that needs manual actions because the login flow won’t quite work :man_shrugging: