Create your own route and follow (RoadCaptain)

Great work!

How long until Zwift says this violates their ToS though due to accessing APIs etc?

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Zwift should just sign him up. it would be a great tool for event organisers if we can create custom routes


That would be the sensible thing to do. Unfortunately Zwift have a track record of shooting themselves in the foot. Hopefully we’ll be pleasantly surprised this time.


Why don´t Zwift has this in their tools…

Maybe, Eric is cutting a cheque as we speak… :smiley:

Wow. YES. Thanks for this! Will try it out soon :grinning:!

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I’ve just released RoadCaptain version :tada::tada:

Lots of improvements to the route builder:

  • Route start and end markers are now visible on the map
  • Show KOM segments
  • Show sprint segments
  • Show a warning when a segment can’t be reached from a spawn point (for example the road leading to the volcano)
  • Fix some issues with route directions. Sometime the start segment would be the wrong way around…
  • You can now zoom and pan the map! No more squinting at the screen when building a route :tada:
  • Checked, double checked and triple checked the spawn points in Watopia. They should now show the correct Zwift route to select when starting the game

RoadCaptain should show the new version popup when you next start the app.
You can also download it directly here: Release · sandermvanvliet/RoadCaptain · GitHub (remove the spaces!)


Just released version which adds the Rebel Routes as built-in routes to RoadCaptain.

That makes it a lot easier for people to try out RoadCaptain as you don’t have to manually build them :ok_hand:

There are also a bunch of other updates, including two new spawn points in Watopia.

You can find the new release and an overview of changes here: github .com / sandermvanvliet / RoadCaptain / releases / tag /


Do you have a plan in case zwift kills your API or takes your project?

I’m not sure Zwift would do that, others members of the community have made other things for Zwift(extra overlay data, lots of cool tools from Zwift Hacks) without Zwift having any issues with it.

No plans but I’m also not concerned about that.

The way I look at it is that if this is included in Zwift that’s a win for me and the community because it’s apparently something people want.


It is something that we want. I guess I was thinking about ZwiftHub (badge tracker) and ZwiftPower (events scheduler and results). While Zwift have do an alright job with integrating the badge tracker into their system, ZwiftPower still feels a bit like the red headed step child that Zwift doesn’t want to do anything with but they are now obligated to at least give it food and shelter. I’m sure there are others that I’m missing but I’d hate to see something as awesome as this get gobbled up and left to flounder.

We’ll just have to see what happens, right now I’m trying to get as much feedback from people using RoadCaptain to make it even better.

If it gets killed somehow by Zwift changing APIs or locking it down then at least I’ve had fun building this :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your efforts into our community!


Sander, thank you for your contributions.

After using the builder for a while a change that may make it more intuitive is to color highlight the next valid optional segments. Far too often I find myself clicking on invalid segments (orange error messaged), in an attempt to find what options I could select.

I’ve also looked at the JSON route files, RoadCaptain produces and noticed that the rides total distance, ascent and other such info that the builder displays is not included.
Your JSON files could become a standard for automated steering and the totals and segment stats would add versatility for those using it. I can already think of various ways to use the segment distance, elevation data for in game overlays or personal stats … etc.

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Big picture, it’s not RGT magic roads, but zwift could do with this an officially supported toolset to create your own routes for rides & races. Especially when you consider they manage to release about 4 new routes every 6 months… should be something so simple


Fantastic! You are talented, i could not code my way out of a paper bag LOL.
Can’t wait to check it out! I’ve requested a feature like this in various Zwift surveys for years.
So happy someone figured it out.


Hi Sander,

are you working on the new Makuri extension? I wanted to ride some rebel routes, but i couldn’t find the roads. The list of provided rebel routes is not the same as showed on zwiftinsider. Any way to import them? Beside of this unsychronicity, geiles tool! Well done.

I haven’t had the time to update Makuri Islands with the new roads yet, I’ve just started a new job and with a baby around my free time is a bit limited :grimacing:


And as for the Rebel Routes, I think a few ones got added there recently. The ones that are in road captain now I’ve done manually but it’s on the list to automate that so it becomes a bit easier to do (quite time consuming now)