Create own route

Can we have a ‘design your own route’ option please? Then maybe a way to share it with fellow Zwifters (like routes on Strava).

Hi @Gordon_Ruddock_SICC, welcome to the forums.

Check this 3rd party app out:

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Hi @Gordon_Ruddock_SICC,
I’m the developer of RoadCaptain and I think it is exactly what you’re looking for :+1:

I’ve just launched a new website that gives you an overview of what RoadCaptain is:

(It’s still a bit of a work in progress so there may be typos etc :sweat_smile:)

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Would love to work on an iOS/tvOS version of this, Sander. Do you have any plans to support other platforms?

Linux is “sort of” working except for the login which I think we can all agree on is a bit crucial :sweat_smile:

iOS/tvOS won’t work most likely because as far as I understand you can’t run both Zwift and another app on it at the same time.

So for that to work you’d always need two devices

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