RoadCaptain release Route sharing and more

Hello everyone :wave:

It’s been almost a year since the last “official” RoadCaptain release and that means it’s high time for another one :partying_face:

I’ve released version today which contains a massive list of new features and improvements:

  • Route sharing: You can now share routes that you created with other Zwifters using RoadCaptain as well as use routes that other Zwifters created
  • Elevation profile:: While Zwifting you can see the elevation profile for the entire route or the next 500m as well as a special KOM zoom mode which automatically activates when you enter a KOM segment.
  • London is now available in beta mode to build routes in and ride them
  • Makuri Islands: is out of beta
  • Loop mode: you can now create routes that have a loop. Choose between infinite loop or looping a number of times and continuing with the rest of the route
  • ZwiftMap you can now import routes built using ZwiftMap (using the gpx file export)

You can download the new release right here for WIndows or macOS

The full changelog can be found here

For an overview of all the features of RoadCaptain, head over to

Happy Zwifting!

Had never given this a try, was super looking forward to it; downloaded it…
and then realized Watopia doesn’t have the new routes :pensive:

Any ETA on having the new coastline road added in Watopia?

That’ll depend a lot on how busy I’ll be the next few weeks :sweat_smile:

Its not a lot of work but as I’m building RoadCaptain in my spare time that’s usually the limiting factor.

No worries!
I hadn’t actually had the opportunity to use it yet, and had just begun planning some longer routes I wanted to do this winter and thought I’d take a look.

The new pre-release build ( has the new segments in Watopia if you want to try it out :+1: