RoadCaptain announcement: Route Sharing

Hi all,

Exciting times today! I’ve just released a pre-release version of RoadCaptain.

Now what’s so exciting about that? Well… it has a feature that I’ve been working on for some time: Route Sharing!

This allows every user of RoadCaptain to browse routes created by other RoaCaptain users and ride those in Zwift as well as sharing your own routes with the other Zwifters out there :ok_hand:

With this pre-release, the social aspect of Zwift is coming even closer to RoadCaptain now that you can share your favourite routes.

Here are some screenshots to get an idea:

You can find the pre-release here

A much more detailed description of how this works can be found on the RoadCaptain site.

Let me know what you think! As excited as I am? :sweat_smile:

Great update news that has come during the quiet season on Zwift, I’m sure a lot of users will relish trying this new feature in the coming months! :smiley:

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The timing is not fantastic :joy:

But that does give me some time to polish the feature before everyone starts riding indoors again :+1:


This is a great feature. I can’t wait to make a Makuri Pretzel as soon as you get around to adding Urukazi to your maps. There will be one million turns.

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It’s on the list for the final release to update Makuri Islands :+1:

Currently I’m doing some polish work on the elevation plot so that it automatically zooms to the claim segment when you enter it. That’s a thing I wanted to have myself :sweat_smile:


The list of things for the official release is here :+1:

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Nice work there.


Made some big improvements to the elevation plot. It now supports a number of different modes:

  • All: Show the entire route. Position marker will move along the plot
  • Moving-window: shows the elevation for the next 500m
  • KOM auto-zoom: shows the elevation for the KOM segment, position marker will move along the plot

The KOM auto-zoom works for both All and Moving-window modes and it will automatically switch when entering / leaving a KOM segment.

KOM mode:


All mode:


Here are two in-game screenshots of how the elevation profile now works with the KOM auto-zoom:

Just before the Zwift KOM starts:

On the Zwift KOM:

You can see that in the second screenshot the profile of just the Zwift KOM is now shown. When you complete the segment it automatically switches back to the view in the first screenshot :ok_hand: