Coming soon to RoadCaptain: live elevation plot!

You will soon be able to have a live elevation plot when riding a route with RoadCaptain!

This will allow you to plan your power ahead as you’ve got a very clear view of what’s coming up.

A pre-release version will be available soon at

Given the state of the official route profile top-right, that’s a great addition! :smiley:


Yeah I’ve seen a lot of complaints about that one (never managed to be able to use it myself either :man_shrugging:)

As I’ve had the elevation plot built for the route builder part, it was fairly easy to include it in the runner too :ok_hand:

Pre-release is available for download: Release · sandermvanvliet/RoadCaptain · GitHub

When the in-game window shows press CTRL+E (on windows) or Cmd+E (on macOS) to toggle the elevation plot.


On any road or only on planned roads?

Urukazi update included?

Only on planned routes. The challenge is that when you’re either finished a planned route or are freewheeling and you come up to an intersection I can’t predict which way you will go.
That means that even though I can show the elevation for the current segment you’re on, I can’t show it for the next segment if it’s a junction.

Or at least, that’s my thinking right now.

I’ve heard a few times that a sort of “view only” mode for RoadCaptain would be useful to show the elevation plot for example. So that might be a thing I’ll investigate next but it’s not a core function I’ve foreseen for RoadCaptain.

With regards to Urukazi: updating Makuri Islands is on the list as well as adding the other remaining worlds.

Beside of missing roads in your modification, your gradient forecast is a high valueable addition to the HUD.