Climb Portal Route Options and Finishes


Firstly I’d like to say, thank you to Zwift for adding the Climb Portal option to the game. I’m somone who likes riding climbs and really looked forward to using this new feature, but i have a few issues with it, which im sure other Zwifters will probably agree with myself on.

1: Unless France is a world option, you only get one choice of world to start the C.P. feature, Watopia. It would be nice to have the option available on the other world too. Maybe this is something that Zwift has planned in the future?

2: A better rotation of routes available. Only 1 climb available for a week or 2 at a time, isnt going to attract users. Any chance we could have several routes to choose from at any given time? Keep the C.P. option a little bit more interesting to use.

3: I, and quite probably a lot of others might feel this way too, would like to have the “route complete” show, once you have reached the end of the climb. It annoys me that you then have to decend the climb, and, especially with the Watopia start, you have to do 1½ loops, 7km, of the volcano circuit to complete the route. Now if that route that day happened to be Tourmalet, thats an extra 25km+ of riding to finish the route.

Ok, a good part is the decent, but its still time and distance having to be ridden, to complete the route. Ive also noticed that going downhill, doesnt seen to be as fast, as regular downhills, and sometimes I’ve to keep pedalling to keep my avatar moving.

I ask, is there any chance of this changing, being awarded the route complete at the top of the ascent, or when you exit the portal at the bottom?


I don’t have a lot to add to this other than that I’ve I’ve passed on your feedback to the team that works on Climb Portal.

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I would like to see Climb Portal as a new “world” tab.
Then list all the available Climb Portal routes. Since Watopia is always available, have this new Climb Portal “world” use the France Climb Portal.

Also, I would really, really like to see the stars on the overhead map change back to the numbers on the descent, like they do on the Alpe. That gives you some indication of how much more of the descent is left.
Add in the distance / remaining counter that the Alpe has as well.


@Martin_Cornish2814 - In addition to your points, I would love it if the same colors were used when going downhill - so we can see the percent decent range. Right now, the only option is to look at the % grade to know if we need to pedal or not. Why not use the same colors regardless of direction?