Climb Portal - Route not showing as complete


I’m probably missing something obvious but I’ve completed a couple of the climb portal routes now and neither is showing as complete when I view the challenge. Latest route was Col Du Tourmalet.

Is this a bug or just me doing something wrong?

Have you completed more than two? The challenge only requires two to be completed, so if those are marked complete I don’t think it bothers ticking any more off.

Yes - I’ve completed 4 now but it’s only showing two. I’m slowly working my way through them.

I expect that’s intended. :ride_on:

I’ve done three climbs on the climb portal in total now. Earlier today I did the Col des Aravis. I went full to the top, back to the bottom, and finished the lead out. However in Zwift when I go back to the climb choice, Col des Aravis does not have the green "completed’ badge on it. Is it expected that I get only one ‘completed’ on each of the two pages or is this a bug?

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The challenge only requires two climbs to be completed. Although Zwift haven’t confirmed it as far as I’ve seen, my assumption is that the UI will only show the first two portal climbs you finished as completed. Any others you do are bonuses, but aren’t tracked or required by the challenge UX.

I’ve got the one green tick on each of the two pages too which is a bit rubbish. Considering one was the Col Du Tourmelet where I felt like I was about to die. :slight_smile:

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if you have done the challenge then it will only show the first one you did on each of the 2 areas. it is a bit silly that the routes that have been done are not showing as being done


Ah yes, of course, that makes sense. One for each stage.

Zwift SHOULD show all the climbs that have been completed with a green completed tag.

I think it’s just poor form on Zwift’s part. If Zwift are only going to show 2 completed tags, just supply 2 climbs to avoid confusion. It’s all about proper communication.

Back to the Alpe for me.

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Hey @C_aptain_Scott - The challenge is only set up to track completing the two climbs required to complete the mission. Any additional climbs will not be tracked as apart of the challenge.


Having same issue with Col des Aravis route not showing as complete? I’ve completed 1 other route Cote de trebaic and it’s says 50% complete.

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There are two stages - Stage 1 and 2. Once you complete any climb that’s in Stage 1, you’ll get 50% complete. Once you complete any climb in Stage 2, you’ll get 100% complete. Or vice versa.

If you do more than one climb in either Stage, it won’t make a blind bit of difference and it won’t show those subsequent climbs as completed.

Thanks for reply David :fist:t2:….let’s be honest Zwift dropped the ball here, poor conception, we have new area’s to complete or not as the case is, WOW, poor development and £12.99 for the privilege of code that cannot say complete for your effort, time to start looking elsewhere tbh, 6years in for what? nothing? just like customer service when they say there’s nothing they can do, it is what it is……Zwift check my email, I have worked in game development for the last 17 years and to see this hurts me to the core.


Hey, let’s not turn the thread I started into a Zwift hate campaign! I was just wondering why I didn’t have a couple of routes marked as complete. I actually love Zwift and think the subscription price is fair. I also really like the new climb portal, the climbs are really challenging and fun.

I’ve been really impressed with Zwift development over the past few months, the pace partner teleport option is amazing.

Yes I’d like my completion badges, but it really doesn’t bother me that much if I don’t have them.


Hi Captain Scott,

I hear what you’re saying but don’t agree with it, i’m posting my opinion on what i’m seeing and my feedback, if it didn’t bother you with route completion why post in the first place?

My argument and opinion on poor development still stands and that’s my opinion not a hate campaign to be honest with forum members and Captain Scott :slightly_smiling_face: and i’m not affiliated with zwift, just an honest opinion from an honest man with 6 years paying for zwift.

Yes beautiful new climbing zones all coloured coded so you can measure your effort brilliant :fist:t2: Zwift I’m climber but to complete 2 of 8 zones and you’re 100% complete? come on your having laugh if think this is right and acceptable for £12.99 for new functionality not thought out correctly.

Zone completion is all i’m asking for, fair and reasonable, I need the carrot Captain Scott :yum: simple acknowledgment of effort is common sense, let’s be honest.

Ride on :fist:t2:

Hiya Peter, I think it’s Gods way of telling me that I need to ascend the Col Du Tourmelet again at some point lol.

You make some fair points my friend and you don’t need to agree!

Ride On.

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Hi Captain Scott,

100% :fist:t2: stay strong brother and ride on!

We didn’t pay £12.99 for new functionality though, as I’m sure you appreciate.

Indeed, one could argue we were paying £12.99 already and this is a free bonus.

That said, far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the number of people noting the same issue (that climbs aren’t marked as complete) clearly points to a bit of a failure on the UX front here.

A challenge with all eight climbs makes better sense then.
Also, the title of the activity should actually show which climb was accomplished.
Especially if we assume other climbs like the Stelvio, Mr. Fuji, etc will be added to the list at some point.