Col du Tourmalet

Completed the climb but it’s not checked in my list and didn’t get any XP for it.

What list?
As far as I know, there is not a list showing completion of Climb Portal climbs.

This one to show completed routes.

I did Col du Tourmalet a few weeks ago, and it doesn’t show completed in that list.
I’m not sure it is supposed to.
To my knowledge, there is no tracking of what climbs you’ve done through the Climb Portal.
I wish there was, but I’ve resorted to my own spreadsheet to track that.

Have you tried using your ‘Activities’ tab facility on your ZwiftPower account and the search facility. As you can see I have only managed 1/10th of one Climb Portal. You can name, or also rename, your ZCA rides however you like to show number done or whatever you choose. I use it to name my ADZ climbs as ADZ(1), ADZ(2)….etc but you don’t need to number as the search would only bring up any I had called ADZ, or in your case Climb Portal.

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Thanks it does show up there. I didn’t understand why it doesn’t tick off in Zwift and a bit miffed no XP Bonus either as trying to level up.

Sorry I can’t help you re your question of marked as completed or route XP, I was replying to Dan above.

There are no route completion badges/bonus XP for portal climbs. The only bonus XP related to the climb portal is if for completing 10 climbs (500XP) and 25 climbs (1000XP).