Climb Portal Pro Badge not awarded

Has anyone else completed 10 portal climbs and not been awarded the climb portal pro badge?

I’m at #9 right now.
I don’t know where / when the climb portal route is considered “complete”.
Is it at the top of the climb when you get the stats?
Do you have to get all the stars? ( My climb up Tourmalet did not register the first star, but I got the finish stats )
Do you have to descend, and get the Climb Portal progress bar to indicate completion?

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It would be great if someone from Zwift could answer this.

It’s at the top.


Did you ever get it?

I just completed 10 and was not awarded the 10 badge. I got the single.

I had to email Zwift with the specifics and they awarded me it. Hopefully this doesnt interfere with the 25x badge

Thank you. Guess I will need to email.