Climb Portal bug - no badge

I just completed the Climb Portal for the 10th time and did not receive the corresponding badge. I am curious which of my attempt(s) did not count towards my total. I have completed the entire route each time (all the way up, down, and all the way to the flag either on volcano circuit in Watopia or in France.) It would be helpful if there was somewhere in the game where one could see their total attempts for both the climbing portal and the Alpe de Zwift badges (i.e 9/10 completed). I can see all 10 of my attempts in Strava.
Anyone else have this issue? Are there any Zwift programmers who can help? Thanks.

I asked earlier and was told by Zwift you just need to get to the top for the climb to count, no need to come back down and complete the full route.

I’ve had issues (as have others) where my climb doesn’t get posted to the leaderboard when I get to the top or show PR stats the next time up and have assumed that the climb probably didn’t count towards my overall total…

Same here. 10 climbs completed and recorded on but no badge.

I did get my 10 climbs badge, but noticed yesterday that I didn’t get time for climbs first stage… though, I got the “completion text” when up. I was just wondering if my ‘25 badge’ is going to be one climb late… let see :slight_smile:

I’ve seen a few of my Climb Portal rides not “star” the number 9 ( first section ), but it shows completion at the top.
One of those was the first 10 climbs I did, and I still received the 10 climbs badge.
I’m not so confident about the ones after the 10th climb that didn’t star the first section, though.
I am curious about the reason the first section didn’t star, though. I didn’t stop after entering the portal, I didn’t turn around, so it is odd that the section didn’t star.

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Well I’ve just done my 11th climb and got the 10 badge. So one of the climbs wasn’t counted by the Zwift mothership.

I did email Zwift support and they manually credited me the badge. It is good to know I’m not the only one. We’ll see what happens when I get to 25…

What email adres did you use?

The 25 achievement definitely works - I got that the other day.