Route badges for each Climb Portal

I’m sure this has been requested before…
I think it would be such an improvement of the engagement with the “climb portals” if zwift would add badges for each of them!! Now I don’t really bother doing them, adding a badge would change this for me, while also being able to track the ones you’re still to do. I know it maybe is kind of stupid, ‘cause you do it as a training anyway, but it’s just how a game works I guess; something with chasing carrots…

Thanks for voting!

Hi @Joris_1! I imagine how great would be to receive a badge for each Climb Portal and track the ones that are pending, that’s a fantastic recommendation, I really appreciate it! It’s worth mentioning that we can achieve a badge after completing the 1st, 10th, and 25th Climb Portal rides and check the Climb of the Month.

However, I’ve passed this request on to our developers, the more feedback we get from our Zwifters on this suggestion, the greater the possibility it will be implemented in Zwift!


I like this idea.

Even if Zwift don’t want to go as far as giving route badges for every portal climb it would be nice to have a page in the game menu with a full list of all the climbs with length and elevation stats, and a check box for having completed it.


Would be great if this option will be added.
Badges for each climb will give an extra incentive to climb all the different climbs and collect them all. It would be great fun to collect them all and a challenge to scedule rare climbs. Also something to be proud off. Hope Zwift will consider adding this to the badges section. Look forward to it.


I would love to see a climb portal route tracker of some sort, badges or wherever… the key is to have some sort of tracker to for added motivation…