No badge

Oh, I was so ready for it. My 25th climb up to the Alpe du Zwift. Through the gate, yeah now it comes. Happy happy. Hmmm still not appearing, whaaat :sob::sob::sob:
Strava says 25 attemps and also I got 1000xp but no Ma so chist badge…
Any idea why?
Or is it possible that I’ll get it from next climb…? I mean does Zwift sw check my count of climbs and state of badge still?

You may get it the next time you log into Zwift?

Hi Tom - In addition to what Mrk mentioned, you may have had an error or two (network for example) where zwift didnt record the whole rides and therefore failed to count what you have counted.

Also, if you have multiple devices that you use Zwift on and one was open (or app thought it was open) then that can cause a miss too.

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Well, I’ve done those rides with 2 different devices. Luckily most of them with one and same tablet but few with phone’s beta app. So I’ll keep climbing :sweat_smile:

Be sure to close the app on both devices - being logged in on more devices is a known source of issues.

I was so hoping this happen but nope

Got it from my 26th climb :blush::blush::blush:

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