AdZ 25 climbs Badge not awarded

(Tim Walsh (ZBR)) #1

Anyone else have a problem with not being awarded the ■■■■■■■■■ Badge after climbing the AdZ 25 times? I’ve opened a support case, and provided a list of dates that I’ve climbed it. Just curious if this is normal and I have to keep climbing it.

Lol, if you name the badge the ■■■■■■■■■ Award you probably shouldn’t then ban it from being used in the forums.

(Tim Walsh (ZBR)) #2

Lol, M a s o c h i s t isn’t allowed to be used in the forum, yet it’s the name that they gave to the badge for climbing the Alpe du Zwift 25 times.

(Svenne Vangoethemd) #3

Lol Tim. Did the ride with you today!
I hope you get it done. :wink:

(Tim Walsh (ZBR)) #4

Support’s response was fast, must be a corrupt .fit file or connection issue, so sorry we can’t help you.

I responded that I wasn’t satisfied with that answer since the 25 rides are showing up in my profile and I can download the fit files. I also pointed out that Zwift successfully updated my Strava account with the ride information from the fit files which would also indicate that the files were received and processed by Zwift. Strava give me credit for completing the “Tour of Fire and Ice” 25 times, so it doesn’t sound like the fit file was corrupt either.

I sent support the 25 fit files from my Zwift profile and asked them to escalate the ticket to level 2 or 3 support for another look. I also told them if I needed to keep climbing I would, but it would be nice to know how many times I still need and some assurance that Zwift will actually credit me for my efforts.

The real reason for the forum post is to find out if this is happening or has happened to other members and maybe if it’s wide spread get some attention on it.

(i van) #5

They probably figured no one was actually going to do ADZ 25 times and just left out the implementation :slight_smile:

(Tim Walsh (ZBR)) #6

Lol, I wondered that myself but I’ve had a few messages from cyclists that are close to 100 climbs. I suspect one or more of my climbs didn’t process properly. I did get another email that it’s up to tier 3 support now. They even made mention of the group ride to celebrate the climb yesterday. I suspect Zwift HQ is taking an interest because it was a ZBR ride.

(Zee Kryder) #7

I had to do 26 to get the badge. If you do a double ride, you have to go down to almost the dirt road before making a u-turn. When the map resets, then it is safe to uturn. If you turn at the start gate, you won’t get credit.

(Lin Alan) #8

Seriously, close to 100 climbs didn’t get the mas0chist badge. I have a hard time believing that. It’s 25x for the badge. If it’s a ride processing issue, that would imply less than 25% success rate (i.e., >75% failure rate). A failure rate like that across multiple riders is either an extremely rare corner case bug or that particular badge is straight up broken.

I am due to hit the 25x AdZ mark on one of my next couple rides. I’ll update this thread afterwards.

(Tim Walsh (ZBR)) #9

Just finished climb #26 and the ■■■■■■■■■ Badge was unlocked.

(Lin Alan) #10

I unlocked the Mas0chist badge this morning :smiley:

According to Strava I have completed the climb exactly 25x. I use the following segment:
Alpe du Zwift (Zwift Insider)

However, I am 99.99% sure I climbed AdZ at least once if not twice before that segment was created. That would mean that it took me 26 or 27 attempts to unlock the badge.

That said, I imagine that Zwift keeps track of the count themselves (i.e., not using Strava segments). Was the badge available on day 1 of the release of AdZ? If not, perhaps climbs prior to badge availability aren’t getting counted for those who hit the slopes immediately resulting in the need for more than 25 climbs to unlock the badge?

Anyway, it seems to work fine as far as I can tell.