Failure to award achievement badge

According to Strava I have climbed Alpe du Zwift 26 times. Yet I have NOT been awarded the ■■■■■■■■■ badge.

Why not? Is there some sort of strange time window or other requirement that the advertised 25x ?

OH…and your system flags this post if I use the name of badge in the title…that’s just not right. If the word is problematic do not use it at all.

Most likely that Zwift’s missing bits of data for some of your trips up AdZ (Strava tolerates a bit of missing data in fit files, Zwift doesnt when it comes to routes and badges it seems). I thought the badge was around since ADZ was available but memory is not my strong point.

The badge name has been blacklisted for a while now. Surprised they havent fixed the badge or the forum filter by now.

Please explain “missing bits of data”. How could Strava read the FIT file supplied by Zwift to indicate 26 completions of the route “Alpe du Zwift (Zwift Insider verified)” and yet Zwift would not interpret the same data in the same way? FYI - the snip is from Strava

If you have a minor network connection issue during a ride, your fit file can still be valid but Zwift ignores the route achievement - I think what happens is that Zwift needs you to pass key points on a route and if it misses the data for those, then no badge. Strava doesnt care about the odd bit of data missing (neither do other fitfile based renderers like MapMyRide, Garmin). Happens a lot with missing badges.

You can normally check by searching the log file (s) for network errors ( captures most network issues that can cause this).

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Achieved it yesterday on try #28. I’ll take a break from AdZ for a bit…but I’l be back later.

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