The last badge

I’m trying to get the ■■■■■■■■■ badge?, 25 times up the Alp required to be awarded.

How do you know how many times you have left to complete?

Have asked Zwift but they don’t seem to be able to advise.

See you out there.

Thanks. Lee


You can check Strava if your rides are logged there. That will show you how many times you’ve completed the segment.

That would normally be a great workaround however only shows data from mid 2020 as I lost my original strava account.
No worries, as badge triggers at 25 times I assumed the data was sitting on a zwift server somewhere.
Cheers. Lee

this is where @Shane_Miller_GPLama idea of gold, silver, bronze ticks (or a variation of) against each route would be great, to see how many times you have done a particular route.