Place to see how many times you climbed the Alpe (for Badge)

Is there anywhere in Zwift program, web site, or Companion where I can see how many times I’ve climbed the Alpe? I was browsing the badges and saw the one for 25 times up the Alpe. It would be great to know how close/far I am from that number.

Only place I know of is strava.

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Is there a way to search for them there? Going back through each event would take forever… You have the normal routes, Road to Sky, Fire & Ice, Horseman but I’ve done it many more times off the Jungle Circuit, Road to Ruins, and on group rides. You’d think if Zwift had a badge, they’d give you an idea how close you were to it.

If you go to Strava (on a pc is easier) you can go to one of your Alpe efforts, then go to the the segment shown below or you can go to the top segment then in the top 10 field select my results and the go to full leader board to see all of them.

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Wow, that was hard! :wink: But it did get me what I wanted!.. except for reminding me that I once got a 60:37 on the darned thing!! I thought I had a 58:03 but it now says 58:23 (Zwift Insider Verified)… whatever that means. Anyway, only 16 attempts and no wheels!! Thanks so much for showing me how to get those numbers!!

I’ve been up it 28 times now (according to Strava) and still no badge. Zwift and Strava must have a different count - although Zwift feeds Strava so I don’t know how that can be?

Hi @R_A_N. I’m at 23 ascents according to Strava and so will hopefully be getting the 25 ascent achievement soon. Your post makes me a little nervous about it. Do you recall from your ascents, did you get the Wheel of Fortune with every ascent? I’m wondering if there might be a correlation between getting the wheel of fortune and Zwift counting the ascent. Thanks!

You should get credit for each climb unless you have a drop-out (which happened to me once). If you make a u-turn at some point then another and finish, it may not count as a full climb. Also, when doing a double climb, if you make a turn around at the starting line, you will get credit on Strava but not on Zwift. to get credit on Zwift, you need to go down almost to the dirt segment (on screen you will see the map and sections reset).then turn around and do a double if you dare (I only did it once and never ever again.)
I did 26 to get the 25 badge.


The 25 ascents up the Alpe badge achievement is working.


I see you also have the strange loop at the top. Not sure which update broke the road (i.e., made it invisible, but at least I know it wasn’t just me. I didn’t even bother to open a ticket since it’s cosmetic and doesn’t affect gameplay.