25 times Alpe badge

According to my Strava i climbed Alpe 25 times but dont received m-a-s-o-c-h-i-s-t badge [Edited by moderator to undo over eager bad words filter]. Should I only count events? Or are climbs made in a course other than Road to thé sky excluded? Thank you!

I think it needs to be full ADZ laps from the start to finish. Shouldn’t matter which course.

I did this achievement a few weeks ago and now up over 30. The strava count was accurate and I got the badge on the 25th time.

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Hi @Jean-Francois_Gibeau

Zwift count every time you receive the spinning wheel at the top. So if you make u-turns or have internet dropouts it won’t count.
You may get the badge the next time you climb to the top.

It would definitely be helpful if Zwift were to provide some kind of visible tally for this one in the game, instead of people needing to rely on Strava or keeping a spreadsheet of all their Alpe rides.
But I can attest to Zwift’s internal calculator for this badge working – at least sometimes – as I got this badge at the end of October 2021 on exactly my 25th ascent, having kept my own notes of Alpe rides spanning more than 18 months.

Wasn’t there some bug, whereby people doing multiple Alpe summits in a single ride weren’t having them all counted because they were turning around too close to the start marker? I’d heard about it, but not witnessed it.

If you turn around to soon you won’t get the spinning wheel and it won’t count.

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Thank you all! Indeed my laptop crashed at least one time over 25. I agree that adding a count in zwift would I believe be appreciated by users

I didn’t get the badge until my 26th ascent. No u-turns, no obvious internet issues, all rides saved to my.zwift.com.

If it worked as expected, it wouldn’t be Zwift.